TODAY   |  January 11, 2014

College kid by day, pop star by night

Jaesop Kim may live in a dorm and go unrecognized in New York City, but halfway around the world there’s an audience of millions who see him as a star. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>> reporter: you probably don't recognize him. he says no one at new york's columbia university does. but the psych major by day is away from campus life a.j. . the rap and k- pop star with a south korean boy band ukiss. his five albums have found 250,000 buyers and a growing fan base, primarily on the northeast. this serious university student is also an ambitious entertainer hungry for stardom.

>> after this performance, some people might recognize me, i hope.

>> reporter: he crowed on his twitter page about a newspaper profile, and in an earlier post, when classes had started, wrote " sooner or later , i will again pursue my dream, no matter what." in fact, his first american mini tour is now under way, and the psych major is, well, psyched.

>> i feel like i'm dreaming right now.

>> reporter: there's a bit of a " hannah montana " story line here. the unassuming student with a pop star alter ego, but a.j.'s korean american real- life story was hardly seamless. he dropped out of junior high , stumbled for years trying for a music career , and once he did get there, hired a tutor to help him finish high school and earn his way belatedly to columbia, a freshman at age 22.

>> dream come true!

>> reporter: right now, he lives in two worlds, and if that boy band thing doesn't turn into a solid career, he's not exactly south korea 's justin bieber, yet, maybe an ivy league psych degree will help him deal with it. for "today," mike taibbi , nbc news, los angeles .