TODAY   |  January 11, 2014

Lena Dunham snaps back about nudity on ‘Girls’

When a journalist asked Lena Dunham about nudity on her show during a press conference, Dunham and her fellow producers did not hold back. TODAY’s Lola Ogunnaike reports.

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>>> this morning in today's "hollywood headlines," a wild birthday party , a big spat over a naked woman, pretty much your average week in entertainment, right? or your average week in lester holt 's life. or not!

>> "today" contributor lola oeg knackie is here with today's "celebrity news.

>> lester, i didn't know you partied that hard! good to know.

>> i didn't either, but you never know what's going to pop up in the prompter.

>> international man of mystery . first off, let's start with the drama, because we love a little drama. the headline critics association, this happens every year, people present their shows to the tv reporters, essentially, and someone asked lena dunham of "girls" why she was naked all the time.

>> yeah, why are you in particular naked all the time, to which she responded, "nudity is realistic. if you're not into me, that's your problem and you're going to have to work that out with professionals."

>> wow.

>> apatow was also on the panel and called the journalist a misogynist, a sexist, and jenny connor, also on the panel, said she was so undone, she couldn't concentrate for the rest of the panel. so, this journalist really struck a nerve. but here's the thing, lena dunham has been naked since season one. we're entering season three. she's going to be naked again. get over it.

>> here's the thing, haven't we addressed this all before?

>> yes, we have! my problem with the question is not that it's not legitimate, it's just that it was legitimate in season one. we're in season three right now. get over it.

>> all right, let's move on to jay z and beyonce, their daughter blue ivy turned 3 this week. low-key, right?

>> low-key, just a few lemurs, kangaroos and penguins. they rented out a wildlife park in miami.

>> sure, why not?

>> isn't that what you did for your kids when they turned 3 some.

>> i had a carvil ice cream cake , okay?

>> fudgy the whale.

>> fudgy the whale. not a real whale, fudgy the whale. she gets the real animals. she likes animals, so rent out a wildlife park . the vip ticket is $340 per person, so imagine.

>> chuck e. cheese was booked.

>> what are you going to do?

>> for them, it's probably a nice way to have a more low-key affair, in all honesty. when you're blue ivy, you have a lot of people that want in on the party.

>> and they're music royalty and made $95 million last year.

>> and they can afford it.

>> there you go.

>> speaking of music, "glee" star lea michele , this is the first we're seeing from her since the death of her boyfriend and co-star in "glee," cory monteith . she released her first music video and the song really seems to mirror what she's probably been going through.

>> it feels like a diary entry . it's so personal. the lyrics are about her wanting to come into the light , trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel , not wanting to hide out in her home anyway and mourn. it's really about her wanting to soar like a cannonball. not to be confused with " miley cyrus 's" song "wrecking ball." that's a whole different song and video. lea keeps her clothes on, but again, it's about trying to overcome a deep, deep tragedy, and it's a catchy tune.

>> nice to see you as always, thank you.

>> happy new year.