TODAY   |  January 11, 2014

Aussie athletes banned from Twitter during training

Australian Olympic athletes have been banned from using social media while preparing for competition in Sochi. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> do all these things or know exactly what they are, but all you have to know is for olympic officials in australia, these forms of social networking in the same category as partying when it comes to athletes, and jenna is in the orange room to explain.

>> hey, guys. if that is the case, then i basically partied my tail off last night and one more time this morning when i checked my twitter feed. to tweet or not to tweet, that's the question some people probably ask themselves before they post something on twitter, but for australian olympic athletes, there is no question, they are banned from using social media while training and preparing for olympic competition this year. that means, what does that mean? instagram photos snapped from the podium, nope, tweets from the australian cam, nope, none of it. the reason for the ban, you ask? during the 2012 summer games in london, the australian team did not do as well as they had hoped, especially swimmer emily stevum, who was expected to win the gold in the 100-meter backstroke. she walked away with the silver, not bad, but she tearfully blamed her obsession with twitter for her loss. she tweeted 47 times during the london games, and now the australian winter athletes are paying the price. olympic officials in australia want to make sure this does not happen again. what do you guys think? what if they --

>> it's not like she was tweeting under water, was she? stroke, tweet, stroke, tweet.

>> not under water.

>> that would totally slow you down. that's why you get silver.

>> but i'm just hoping that ban does not sort of trickle down to us, like tweetering and anchoring. i could see that happening because we are constantly engrossed in our tweets.

>> there is a lot of tweeting going on here.

>> but that is part of our job these days. that's the hard thing. you'll be tweeting in sochi, won't you?

>> yeah --

>> about how much you miss us?

>> yeah, actually --

>> that's okay.

>> i tweet a lot, then i go under ground. i'm a serial tweeter.

>> he's a mystery man, lester