TODAY   |  January 10, 2014

Pay-by-minute cafe offers free coffee

Kathie Lee and Hoda check out a “brewing” trend where cafes are offering a pay-by-minute service with free coffee, which brings up the question: How long would you pay to hang out at a café?

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>>> and it is try day friday. you made it, everybody, to january 10th . we're happy you're joining me and hoda woman.

>> we start we would start off with a little eye candy because it is friday and why wouldn't we. aiken actman is here. aiken akman is going to show us how to keep our abs tight.

>> what is he doing? did somebody -- did joanne lamarkia make him do that? this is sexist. call hr.

>> we're sorry, aiken akman. anyway, so --

>> we'll be with you in a little bit.

>> we'll check back in with him. he'll show us moves of the day that somehow will work the abs. he claims even if we're sitting here at the desk working, there is a way to work our abs. what do we do?

>> you have to squeeze in your belly button into the spine and we're going to do that for the whole hour.

>> we're not, but -- we're definitely not, aiken akman.

>> wow, that turned america on. okay. thank you.

>> all right.

>> big, big sunday night coming up. a lot of our pals out there waiting to cover the golden globes . this sunday night on nbc.

>> yeah, they're hosted by tina fey and amy poehler . going to be so good. i can't wait. we're going to play a golden globes trivia game with tim stack and we felt lonely. we didn't want it to be the two of us.

>> we have chosen two people from our studio audience .

>> how about those two?

>> okay.

>> you two. you two. they're going to come in and be with us when tim is here. and we have our votes, right?

>> we voted for -- we decided we would pick in four categories.

>> i haven't seen most of these movies. i'm at a disadvantage. this is a guess of what we think is going to win, right, hoda, not what we loved.

>> what we think is going to love. since we don't trust anyone around here, we'll put them in this velvet case.

>> i trust you.

>> i do too. you know who is going to take this for us and put it under lock and key? alex . please come out. alex put on a suit today.

>> alex looks like the guy from " 30 rock ," doesn't he?

>> he does.

>> alex , my dear, keep it under lock and dear.

>> i will not take my eyes off of it.

>> of course you won't.

>> thank you, alex .

>> anyway --

>> nothing alex can't do.

>> yes, indeed. so there is a new study out, and it claims, now think about this in your own life, people demote old friends when they get new ones. do you feel like sometimes your new friends -- you've got to have friends

>> no. wasn't a friend to begin with. that's what i think. i've got some friends that i've had for 50 years. and i think what trumps people is time and accessibility. it is not the love of a friend. i got to the point where i thought i have no time for any -- i don't have time for the friends i have. certainly don't have time to make new ones and then i met you, hodi and then i realized there was room in my heart for lots of friends. but i spend more time with you than i do many of my older friends because of accessibility.

>> exactly.

>> i like you.

>> i think i've kept my same core group of friends.

>> i wish i liked them. it would be so much easier.

>> they're awesome.

>> i know my place.

>> you're in the group.

>> i know. but i'm in the -- i'm in the pecking order. i'm way back --

>> no, you're not.

>> way back.

>> no, you're not.

>> that's all right. i know my place. there is a great in "the new york time stimes," the social q.

>> this is the question. she went to a restaurant, she had a reservation, she's standing with the maitre d ' and somebody sitting at their table, the bill is on the table, but they haven't left the table yet.

>> they are lingering.

>> right.

>> so the question is --

>> loitering, except you're aloud.

>> you're standing there, they have the bill and what are they doing. they're talking. more coffee, your bill is here, our reservation was ten minutes ago and here we stand. the question is, philip said it is the restaurant's responsibility to make both parties happy.

>> wow. that's not easy.

>> should you say -- as a manager of a restaurant or a waiter, do you think -- should you say, should you rush them along after the bill comes?

>> this happened to us the other day. we were in florida where we had a place for years and years and years and one of the few gorgeous days and we were lingering at a table near the water. we were having a wonderful time and but because they know us and know we would not want people to be waiting, the manager came up and said, would you move to a smaller table because we have a big party. i'm always happy to do that. i think if the staff doesn't know you, and you're new to the restaurant, you have to wait and let somebody finish their meal.

>> i think you do too. and i usually don't -- do you hang around often after your bill comes?

>> it depends how much -- if we need a nap. we don't go out to dinner that much. sometimes we linger. with regis and joy, we can go on and on and on. but most of the time, i don't like people so much, i'm anxious to get home.

>> i hate when you have a reservation and you're standing there and it is time for it, and if you're late, they say, you're late for your reservation, if you show up ten minutes late.

>> they say reservations are just approximations. you got to read the fine print, i guess.

>> so who has time to do that?

>> i don't know. we would love to hear what you all think. that's why god made facebook so you could tell us and we could vent and put -- and connect and all that.

>> london has come up -- there is a new concept in london called the pay per minute cafe. here is the deal. they will give you coffee for free, they will give you, i guess some snacks for free.

>> treats.

>> all you have to do is pay a nickel for every minute you're sitting at the table.

>> it is an interesting concept. i first read it, i thought how in the world can they make any money at all. but there say problem with those kinds of cafes where people plug in their phones, they plug in their computers and it is their office. and then somebody wants to come in and check their e-mails and have a little latte are out of luck. so apparently it is very, very successful. its slogan is everything is free except the time you spend there.

>> let's do the math.

>> a clock face in russian. it is a very successful chain in russia.

>> it is working in other places.

>> it is working in other places, yes.

>> an hour is about $3.

>> wait, let's make sure that's right.

>> 5 cents. 5 times 60 is --

>> is a lot.

>> why did we say about $3? it is exactly $3. but, i mean, you have to wonder the snacks, what is it some peanuts?

>> can't be good snacks.

>> can't be.

>> they have a microwave, bring your own food and it sounds a little shady. bring your own stuff.

>> more and more like a dorm, you know? and that's where swine flu starts, swine flu and slime flu. it started in cody's dorm, his apartment at usc and went all over the world from there. i've never seen anything like it in my life. time for friday funny. this joke's on me. this is the first time i've seen it. i know. yes.

>> i like it.

>> let's see if i can do it. a woman driving -- i can't. a woman driving a car panicked in a snowstorm. she started to get disoriented so she pulled over and tried to just calm down. calm down. she remembered her dad once told her, if you ever find yourself in a blizzard, just wait for a snowplow to come by and follow it back to a safe place .

>> smart.

>> sure enough, a snowplow came by and she followed it. she drove behind the plow for about 45 minutes, tailing his every move, perfectly, perfectly, finally the driver of the plow got out and asked her what she was doing. i can't wait to find out. she explained her daddy told her, if she ever got scared in a snowstorm to follow a plow. the driver nodded and said, well, i'm done with the walmart parking lot , ma'am, do you want to follow me over to best buy now? i hate to say it, but i was awesome!

>> you read cold copy better than anybody. that was good.

>> i never want to see them again. that's fun.

>> should we start that?

>> it is better. it is like most of the show.

>>> it is time for our johnson 's baby where we celebrate new moms and new additions to the family.

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