TODAY   |  January 10, 2014

Dinner tonight: Warm up with pasta

Executive chef Michael White, author of “Classico e Moderno,” demonstrates how to make garganelli pasta with prosciutto, parmigiano, and vegetables, the perfect meal for a cold night.

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>> easy ideas for dinner. you've got a great one here. chef michael white has what we're looking for.

>> owner here in new york and author of classico moderno.

>> this is an original first penne pasta. and we roll them across this comb. this is one way to do it, we close them like this. and we run them across the comb. if it's snowing, you can do it this way.

>> or make the kids do it.

>> we make all the new cooks in the kitchen. that's part of the punishment. so, we have dry pasta, here they are manufactured, they are very, very good quality. what we're going to do is do prischuto. a little cream. i know it's just after the holidays. here we go, cream, right? very, very simple. this is a dish. and we reduce this down, we have this going right here. a little bit of cream. we have parmesan, a little pad of butter.

>> yeah.

>> and then we're going to -- we have just cooked this pasta. now everybody likes pasta.

>> of course.

>> and a little facial this morning. we're going to go right in here like this.

>> all right.

>> al and i are just moaning. i hope that's okay.

>> yeah.

>> you keep talking, we'll just --

>> a little bit of parmesan.

>> oh.

>> wow.

>> beautiful.

>> i'm right in the middle here. this is -- of all this moaning.

>> right here.

>> here we go.

>> gorgeous.

>> look at this. one, two, three --

>> i love you.

>> wow.

>> here we go.

>> it just got weird.

>> now we're going right here right to the plate. just that. proscuitto. another quick dish.

>> don't forget to take that with you.

>> you need to put the vegetables on it, al.

>> i'm fond of you, too.

>> now we had a little fondue here. it was big back in the day. and it's really coming -- making a little bit of a resurgence.

>> i love this. i feel like i'm by myself out here.

>> you are.

>> we're with you in spirit.

>> here we're going to cook this, like a pastry cream , let the egg yolks cook a bit. we have one here. already done. little cubes, bread, right, inside.

>> beautiful.

>> michael white , thank you so much.

>> thank you so much. happy new year.

>> you, too.