TODAY   |  January 10, 2014

Weekend wear: How to dress for date night

Fashion expert Lilliana Vazquez says the “little lace dress” is the hot-ticket item for a night out. She also shows off some easy separates that are both casual and cool, and how to wear the “skinny sweatpant.”

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>> the weekend's almost here and if all you can think about is curling up on the couch like me to watch the golden globes --

>> or maybe a little tailgating for the playoff games , well, we have some great looks. the author of the "cheap chicas style." let's get to the first category, girls night in.

>> she's wearing updated pajamas. it's not a slumber party for adults. you want to look good. easy separates that are casual and cool. sweater, soft button down and my favorite piece is what i like to call skinny sweat pants . if you happen to leave the house for a cocktail, you won't be embarrassed. those are $29, they have all the same characteristics of your favorite sweat pants but way more fashionable. and a slipper, an updated ballet flat from steve madden , under $60.

>> so attractive.

>> we've got playoff games this weekend.

>> yeah. exactly.

>> let's move to tailgating.

>> all right.

>> girls struggle with this. i'm not the sportiest of girls, but designers are embracing the sporty chic look. on kimberly, we have a great varsity jacket from forever 21 , striped sweatshirt, easy jeans comfortable from dynamite and cool kicks on, she's tailgating and great hat and sunglasses.

>> and you two have a bromance?

>> we do.

>> that's fantastic.

>> guys don't have to wear a jersey to tailgate. support your team in team colors. in this case, he's supporting the patriots, in a great puffy vest from h & m , button down from jc penney , easy cool, chic and don't have to wear a jersey to tailgate.

>> how are the kids? how many?

>> two.

>> it reminds me of bradley cooper and willie geist . let's move to date night.

>> start with summer.

>> date night is the perfect excuse to dress up. for women, we always default to our lbd, little black dress , but this season you want the lld, the little lace dress. if you want to cover up a little bit, do a bold, bright coat, under $100. and notice how it's elegantly draped over her shoulders. that's how the editors are wearing it now. she looks fantastic in this dress.

>> and if anybody grabs you, you can shake it off.

>> and run.

>> and it's all about elevating his basic style. a blazer adds a little texture with this great jacket. velvet trouser.

>> they're great.

>> hot, right? under $50. great boots and how cute do they look together?

>> bring everybody in, they look great.

>> i'm loving the blue shoes. we didn't get to them.

>> so pretty.

>> pop of color. all about it.