TODAY   |  January 10, 2014

As seen on TV: Household products put to the test

Courtenay Smith, executive editor of Reader’s Digest, walks Willie Geist and Jenna Bush Hager through some of the latest infomercial products, including the Ove Glove hot surface handler, Hurricane 360 spin mop, and the Twist N Clip for a quick updo.

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>>> you've seen them in the middle of the night , infomercial infomercials touting genius products . and the debate whether it's a deal you should take.

>> well, reader's digest tried some of these as seen on tv products. good morning.

>> good morning, guys.

>> you didn't test these, you tried them out.

>> we wanted to see if they worked in real world situations. we assign them a score of 1 to 4, one being the least experience and four being the best.

>> all right. let's start with the ov glove.

>> removing pans from the oven can be too hot to handle. ouch. or that dish can slip causing a big mess. you need the new ove glove hot surface handler with nonslip silicone grips that help you hang on to slippery dishes and hot lids and easily move from the oven to the stove without ever getting burned.

>> nobody wants a hot mess.

>> nobody.

>> a lot of people find the pain, the pot holders you can't use your fingers . the outside of the glove is made of the same materials as firefighter clothing. so it slows the heat transfer to the center. you should be able to handle these hot pans with that glove. not with the one without the glove. be careful. reader's digest editors, up to 450 degrees, handled hot food, it was great. and they found that the dexterity with the fingers a huge selling point.

>> you loved these?

>> we loved these.

>> and you know who loved this? al roker . there he is.

>> love the ove glove.

>> well it's $19.95.

>> well, it does look -- keep it as an accessory.

>> here we have the ez cracker. this is a hands free egg cracker with less mess.

>> you can crack them this way, you can crack them that way, and we've all done this. but no matter how you crack them, you always end up picking out egg shells . not anymore. introducing ez cracker. the ingenious new product that helps you crack eggs quickly and easily without the mess.

>> no mess. that's fantastic. what's wrong with this cracking on the side of the bowl?

>> some people find that very messy. they want to keep their hands clean . so you go and put it in the cradle.

>> the cradle.

>> you want the long end sticking out. you want the end sticking that way. take it out and put it back in.

>> here.

>> nope.

>> that's the wrong way.

>> jenna, you hold this one.

>> somebody go out and get a 5-year-old.

>> that's what i'm doing.

>> it was the egg.

>> it wasn't the person.

>> well, all you do is simply hold it over the bowl and press the handle.

>> that was perfect!

>> you try yours.

>> well, it does --

>> you've got to really --

>> you can see where that bowl would be a problem.

>> the reason this got 3 out of 4 stars, it does misfire occasionally and works best with jumbo eggs. we had a number of editors try this and found --

>> well.

>> and also there's an egg separator that catches the yolk.

>> we're just terrible at it. i'm sure it's great.

>> this one is $9.95.

>> let's take a look at the old mop.

>> mops that can't reach the dirt? do you hate wringing out mops with your bare hands? is your mop a dirty, disgusting mess? well, no more. it's time to meet the incredible hurricane 360 spin mop system. the only mop and bucket that spins the dirt away.

>> the hurricane 360 spin mop. how do we feel about this one?

>> this one got rave reviews because it's really annoying to wring out mops. put it in the water, lift it out, put it in the spinner, and i'm going to balance because i have high heels on. you simply hold it with your hand by the grip handle, let it spin and you can see the water coming out into the bucket.

>> genius.

>> and you can use it to wipe up.

>> i love the mop.

>> and if you need help with the handle, step on it.

>> step on it? step on this?

>> the handle should bend.

>> it bends?

>> yeah.

>> well, no.

>> let me help. if you step on it.

>> oh.

>> bend the handle.

>> now you can get it to an angle where you can clean the floors. takes some time.

>> and the best part is, you can use the spinner to clean your salad. that's fantastic.

>> people love this for every day.

>> i love this product.

>> and you like this one?

>> yes. it's got four stars, $39.98 plus shipping and handling. you do actually want to straighten the handle.

>> oh.

>> before putting it back.

>> i still like the product.

>> and the wringing action does help.

>> okay. we've got these beautiful models over here. let's start with the twist and clip with karlie.

>> clips claw your scalp, rubber bands rip it out. and the amazing new styling tool that's the best way for your hair to stay up all day. watch, it's so easy, grab your hair and twist, slide twist and clip like a giant bobby pin and lock it like a safety pin .

>> you did that pretty quickly.

>> tell us about this product.

>> so this product, what she did, put her hair in here and you literally just twist and clip it like a safety pin . it depends on your hair texture , worked for karlie and myself, but several women in our office with long, thick hair did not stay in or took a long time to use it. only got 1 1/2 stars.

>> i tried it yesterday at the office. i have pretty thick hair, maybe wasn't for me.

>> let me read a statement. we reached out. they say the twist n clip has been used by hundreds of thousands with very few complaints. we notice when it comes to users, it could take many attempts to achieve the desired results whether using our twist n clip hair bands or other accessories. now you know.

>> thank you.

>> we are not getting to these amazing --

>> these are a compression garment , keep the area for faster slimming. mixed reviews. some said they were motivated to eat better, but other people said it felt like wearing a diaper.