TODAY   |  January 10, 2014

‘12 Years a Slave’ could make history at Globes

USA TODAY’s Arienne Thompson takes the crown as the inaugural winner of TODAY and USA TODAY’s Take Your Pick series. Thompson, Willie Geist, Al Roker and Jenna Bush Hager discuss the results, as well the possibility that “12 Years a Slave” will have a big night at the Globes.

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>> oscar winners, grammy winners and major star power at the golden globes this weekend.

>> a must- see magazine cover from ben affleck to a hot new duet celebrity singers.

>> an entertainment reporter at usa today , one of our faves, good to see you.

>> hi. good to see you.

>> we want to get to poll results. earlier this week, we made our predictions in partnership with you guys at " usa today " called take your pick. we asked the audience who they thought was going to get it right. and the winner is, 45% of the vote and natalie with 32% of the vote. willie and i are buried.

>> like a congressional approval rating. that's not good.

>> wow. we are nowhere.

>> i like to thank the little people that made this possible.

>> okay. so first up, star power , we talk about the golden globes . and one of the questions we asked "take your pick," which nominee will give "12 years of slave" a run for the money . this film could really sweep everything.

>> i think it's really the one to beat. and it has seven nominations. and if it wins all seven, it will make golden globes history. so there are five movies in golden globes history that have won five awards, and that is the record. the last one to do that was a star is born in 1977 . even if it wins six, it will make history. it's very possible.

>> "gravity," people talk about " american hustle ."

>> i think those are the other two that will give it a sort of run.

>> might those two cancel each other out and clear the way for "twelve years"?

>> it could happen. anything can happen. it's my favorite awards show because it's so fun. there are always surprises.

>> let's talk about one of my favorite singers. shakira. she has a new duet out with rihanna . tell us about that.

>> it's called "can't remember to forget you," something like that.

>> can't remember the name of the song.

>> no, but talk about two of the sexiest women ever to sort of come together.

>> she is --

>> the both of them.

>> yeah.

>> and if you think there was any sort of diva antics, not so. rihanna was instagramming about the single. it's not her song, but she's been promoting it all week. and shakira told "glamour" rihanna is, quote, the sexiest woman.

>> they're lounging in swimwear on the cover of the single.

>> yeah. just like you and bradley cooper .

>> i missed that shot.

>> let's move to our photo of the week, " entertainment weekly 's" cover has ben affleck with his co-star.

>> love that book. such a crazy weird amazing book. i can't wait for this movie. and this photo is amazing.

>> but the movie may be different, is that right? than the book?

>> i think it's going to have to be a little bit different. and they shot this " entertainment weekly " cover, he asked if he could and they said he could.

>> new look for hugh jackman .

>> he's rocking the mullet. he's onset for his new movie "chappy" and he is required to rock a mullet.

>> even a mullet looks good on the man.

>> he can do no wrong.

>> let's take a look at our sneak peek muppet fans. let's watch a clip.

>> i love you.

>> critics and audiences across the internet can't stop talking about the upcoming movie " muppets most wanted." fuzzyben says i'll probably see this. it looks cool. poppa freshness claims, if you don't like da muppets , you're lame.

>> that's brilliant.

>> i love it.

>> can't wait to see the movie.

>> what are some of the cameos?

>> tina fey , rickey gervais, and lady gaga , everyone is in this movie. it's going to be amazing. i've loved the muppets forever.

>> who doesn't love the muppets ?

>> coming this spring.