TODAY   |  January 10, 2014

‘Shark Tank’ pros dish on inventions and investments

Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjavec from the hit reality show chat with TODAY about some notable and terrible inventions. “We’re making people’s dreams come true,” said Corcoran.

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>>> have you ever thought about turning your idea into big money into a big moneymaker? well, listen up.

>> every week, hundreds of budding entrepreneurs pitch their ideas on " shark tank " with the hope of striking it big. and two of the sharks with us now. good morning to you both.

>> good morning.

>> barbara , this went to cnbc , the rerun on cnbc , got the highest ratings for the network.

>> everybody's watching. everybody loves it.

>> what is it about the show?

>> it's barbara .

>> that's where i was headed.

>> no, you know, we're making people's dreams come true. and how many shows are that real you can walk in poor, leave rich and have your best dream actually happen.

>> i like that. how much competition is there between you guys on the show?

>> don't ask that one.

>> i know there is.

>> hoda, it's really our own money. even my friends to this day don't realize, when we're giving somebody $200,000, it's my own money. it's all fun and games until you see a great investment and then you hate the other shows.

>> what's the worst one you can think of?

>> well, barbara 's invested in all the bad ones.

>> that's unfair. can i tell you -- the weirdest one. the guy who implanted a --

>> the bluetooth.

>> in his ear so you don't have to pick up your phone. but if the battery was dead, he says, oh, you have to surgically remove it and replace it. and he was serious. we were afraid about that guy.

>> we've seen it all.

>> we've got something special dialed up today. we had twins on our plaza yesterday. they are j.j. and tera olson, and they're here.

>> started their own company a couple of years ago and they have a product they would like to pitch with you. ladies, the floor is yours.

>> hi, i'm j.j.

>> i'm tera.

>> and we're twinkling. our product is a shiny ideal toilet. it's a replacement product for paper toilet seat covers because it works better and costs less. the dispenser is located on the wall behind the toilet and dispenses an alcohol-free, perfume-free antibacterial soap . and to use it, all you do is take a piece of toilet paper , put the foam on the toilet paper , you can wipe the handles, seat, doors, any touchable surface.

>> can we have barbara demonstrate it?

>> he's crazy, isn't he?

>> i don't like the idea. let me tell you why. i was hoping you were going to say it's industrial because it's so ugly looking.

>> it's for public toilets.

>> even worse. who's going to pull it off the wall and do the wiping?

>> no, you just --

>> like a soap dispensing.

>> this is why our show takes so long.

>> but --

>> barbara , let me tell you --

>> have you sold any?

>> yes, we have.

>> how much?

>> we've been doing r & d for a while we wanted to make sure --

>> it's never good when you go into a big long answer.

>> we have five clients and two test clients and we actually run through and try new things with.

>> what's the number?

>> the number's pretty small.

>> see, this is bad.

>> i'm going to give you $50,000 --

>> there you go.

>> hoda's in on this. give them a check.

>> if you've ever been in a toilet with small children --

>> i like the idea. it is industrial.

>> we're going to run.

>> hoda's good for $50,000. barbara , robert, thanks so much. congratulations. continued success. you can check out " shark tank " tuesdays on cnbc . this is "today" on nbc.

>> yes, it is.