TODAY   |  January 10, 2014

Multi-tasking dad behind viral photo speaks out

Doyin Richards spoke with TODAY anchors about the adorable image of him caring for his daughters that went viral. “I took the ultimate selfie,” he said.

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>> this. with his two daughters. he's combing the hair of one while carrying the other in a baby bjorn. it's gone viral for so many reasons. some of them not positive, which i don't get.

>> who cares.

>> dwayne richards the dad.

>> how you doing?

>> who took that picture?

>> so, let me give you the whole story. really what happened was i was on paternity leave , and my wife is getting the older one ready and she's running late for work. she's like, the baby's crying, i'm trying to do hair, i don't have time. i'm like, listen, i've got this. how are you going to get this? so i got this. i put the little one in the carrier. and then i had combing her hair. i thought, there's no way she's going to believe me. i took the ultimate selfie. i got the camera on a timer, took a picture and sent it to my wife.

>> were you surprised about this wave of love that you got when this picture came out?

>> well, at the time yeah. but now i get it. it's a human interest story . there's race, fatherhood, baby wearing, all types of things that go into it.

>> people are going to talk smack.

>> you did a terrific thing. between the paternity leave and showing your daughters love. it used to take me hours. willie and i tried to braid hair on the show.

>> you know, did you do that another half hour?

>> this is a lot smoother than normal.

>> could you work your way down a little on my neck? oh. you saw the guns on that guy in the picture.

>> thanks for setting the bar so high. now when we can't do something, our wives go, but dwayne does it.

>> you guys are dad. so i have swag. wristbands.

>> all right.