TODAY   |  January 10, 2014

Have we become weather wimps?

As weather terms like "polar vortex" have been going viral, a new analysis of daily national winter temperature shows the U.S. is actually experiencing fewer cold spells. A reporter from NBC’s Cleveland affiliate belting out “Ice Ice Baby,” shows how overdramatic we have apparently become.

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>> well, as you know, we've heard a lot of complaining this week about the cold weather across the country. but one television news anchor found a way to make the most of it. take a look.

>> stop, collaborate and listen, in the back with a brand new invention, an ice vest holding me tightly. ice, ice baby, this is made by --

>> wow.

>> okay. that is robin our cleveland affiliate wkyc. give her a nice slow clap. having all little fun with the polar vortex . not everyone loved it, though. all this moaning and groaning has led the "associated press" to declare, guys, we have become weather wimps. climate experts say seeing fewer cold spells these days, it's january, it's supposed to be cold. and, you know, al, what do you think here? are we a bunch of weenies when it comes to the cold?

>> i think it's a combination of we're not used to it and social media .

>> we are weather wimps. one minutes it's 56, the weather whiplash, the next day it's two.

>> and this weekend, in the 50s again.

>> it's january.

>> we've lost consistency. and i think this creates this conversation of is it cold, is