TODAY   |  January 10, 2014

Dad’s answers to baby questionnaire goes viral

A father responded comically to a daycare questionnaire for his 11-month-old Emma. Her goals included “unplug all power chords” and interests are “food as art / clothing.”

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>> a little fun with the questionnaire his daughter's day care sent home. asked about her strengths and goals. the thing is little emma is 11 months.

>> he wrote, ben her dad writes emma's interests food as art/clothing. long yells on the beach and exploring parents' noses with fingers. her goals include -- her goals are unplugging all the power cords and inflicting sleep deprivation on my parents until such time they may acquiesce to my whim.

>> the school, even at a young age, take it so seriously. and it's all you can do as parents not to laugh.

>> the parent/teacher conference and it's like 1/2 an hour long. what can you say? an interview for a 3-year-old.

>> you have to start like at 6 months old to