TODAY   |  January 10, 2014

Do you suffer from ‘digital eye strain’?

A new study says that the condition affects a whopping 70 percent of adults who use desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, and TV screens. Symptoms include blurry vision, dry eyes, cramping in the neck and fatigue.

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>> how many hours a day would you say you spend looking at your computer screen , your tv, tablet, your smartphone?

>> too much.

>> i think like four hours.

>> probably.

>> you think?

>> it's scary when you stop and think about it. all that time is taking its toll on our eyes. so much so there's a new name for the discomfort.

>> do you know what it's called?

>> what?

>> digital eyestrain. 70% of people complain about it. symptoms include blurry vision, dry eyes , fatigue and cramping in the neck. so what should you do to protect your eyes? experts say look away .

>> look away .

>> look away every 20 minutes .

>> how about you just talk to people.

>> that's a concept.

>> can i tell you --

>> sit down and have a conversation with somebody.

>> you know what's harming me, though?

>> what?

>> candy crush.

>> oh.

>> on level 86.

>> you are?

>> what are you?

>> 22, but i thought that was a milestone.

>> what are you guys, 8?

>> play it once and --

>> i'm not going there at all.

>> i like it.

>> all right. one dad had a little fun with the questionnaire his daughter's day care sent home. asked about her strengths and goals. the thing is little emma is 11