TODAY   |  January 10, 2014

Carson’s best app of the week: FlightAware

Carson Daly presents the first installment of the App of the Week, a new TODAY segment, in the Orange Room. This week, he presents his favorite app, the airline flight tracker FlightAware.

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>>> reveal his app for the week.

>> i'm in my room. my place. we're really excited about this. come on into the orange room , everybody. what we've decided to do the mecca of social media is announce our favorite app of the week. and i'm going to kick off our app of the week with one of my most favorite apps out there. i travel a lot, use this. this is a flight tracking app called flight aware . there's lots of things you can do, even if you don't fly. picking somebody at the airport. you can load in track by flight number . in this case, you can drop down to pick your airline or flight number . we can do u.s. airways 2168 because it's in route. the flying time's always good to know. it's leaving d.c. ahead here to new york. this one is en route . i like to be an informed flyer. let's say it's a little turbulent, i can get to the map tracker, there's bad weather .

>> you want to see that?

>> it's going to be clear. so flightaware is a good one. send us yours, we're live at and al, you're up next week with