TODAY   |  January 10, 2014

Bradley Cooper talks Golden Globes, ‘American Hustle’

Willie Geist sits down with the Hollywood star to talk about his nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “American Hustle.”

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>>> back now at 7:44, and the golden globes here in los angeles just two nights away now. and willie, you caught up with bradley cooper , a guy very comfortable with hollywood's award season.

>> the french thing. bradley cooper is up for a golden globe for a second year in a row. and win or lose, his role in " american hustle " is one he loved playing.

>> i heard you talk with a lot of different characters, i don't think i've heard you as excited as the way you are about this guy. what is it about this guy?

>> i'll tell you.

>> sorry.

>> reporter: i've interviewed bradley cooper several times over the years, but for some reason this week, we both had a little trouble getting into character.

>> ready?

>> yeah.

>> here we go. he's a character you are really excited about.

>> battle through, bro.

>> we did finally get down to the business of his golden globe nomination for best supporting actor in " american hustle ," the fictionalized story of the 1970s .

>> you've got to present it.

>> this is based on abscam.

>> just growing up on the east coast , i'm sure you did, too, that was on the radar when we were kids. it was a big deal , taking down congress, and it was the beginning of this idea of sort of fbi entrapping these government officials.

>> he plays fbi agent who recruits a professional conman played by christian bale . ad amy adams and jennifer lawrence complicate the scheme.

>> it would be very bad for you if you're playing me.

>> director david o'russell hustled the movie into the production after his success with cooper on "silver linings playbook."

>> by doing something crazy yourself. thank you. i love you.

>> you went to the oscars this time last year for "silver linings playbook" and went the next day, is that right?

>> yeah. we flew the next day to start preproduction and we were shooting it 2 1/2 weeks later.

>> this was a warp speed production?

>> yeah. everything was condensed. especially the editing process.

>> and bradley cooper working again with the director david o'russell. they become good buddies, jennifer lawrence , amy adams , the cast in the film was --

>> are you jealous of his relationship with o'russell?

>> i feel we're overstating my relationship. but we can see more of my interview --

>> when you spoon?

>> tonight on "going for gold" a star studded special hosted by matt. other interviews include justin timberlake , brad pitt and the entire cast of "12 years of slave" all starts at 8:00/7:00 central.

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