TODAY   |  January 10, 2014

Social media responds to Christie bridge scandal

Carson Daly presents some over the funniest tweets during a press conference held by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over an orchestrated traffic delay by members of his staff last September.

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>> orange room right now tracking reaction to the story about governor chris christie .

>> is it bad when you have to look to see who you're wearing? governor chris christie , the press conference yesterday, that was the talk of social media . we have some data to show you thanks to our friends at twitter. it received as a whole the conversation almost 500,000 hits. the hashtag bridgegate caught on later. 80,000 mentions there. it's a serious story, but we did the math, it was a long press conference, an hour and 48 minutes, that seem ed to be what everybody was talking about. tweeted governor christie, by the time this press conference ends, will you be too old to seek the presidential nomination? it said, did christie accidentally fire the staffer who tells him when to end a press conference? comedians got in on the act. one of the top retweeted tweets came from seth macfarlane who wants dibs. and the retweet, conan o'brien, if he had blocked people from entering new jersey, he'd be a hero. he said it. back to you guys.

>> i've got to stick up for my home state of jersey. come on, conan.

>> that's what happens when you move to cable, you get bitter.