TODAY   |  January 10, 2014

David Gregory: More questions to come for Christie

The host of NBC’s “Meet The Press” says that more questions will come for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie over an orchestrated traffic delay by members of his staff, including why he did not try and stop the delay at the as it was occurring last September.

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>> morning. let's turn to david gregory . good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah.

>> if they kept records of such things, 108 minutes for a press conference would have to set one. i guess the strategy was, let reporters knock themselves out, wear themselves out asking every single question and maybe this thing will go away. did it work or backfire? and do you think he should've gotten off the stage sooner?

>> i talked to republicans and democrats who think he bought himself some space. the bottom line question is was he involved? if he wasn't involved, perhaps he can avoid political death. most professionals think in the business, he couldn't survive if he was involved. but if you take him at his word, he was not involved. the press conference was about being judged. he knows he'll be judged now on crisis management . this is a cultural question. how did this rogue operation if we're to believe what the governor's saying, take root in his own office and exact this kind of petty, political revenge without him knowing or without his countenance at some level. that his deputy chief of staff do something she thought would not be supported by the governor? i think that's really the thrust of the question right now.

>> yeah. that's the question of whether -- first the question of whether he knew and then there's whether he should've known. and even though this was bubbling up over the last couple of months, did christie do enough and say enough to show he was actually interested in getting to the bottom of it or was he uncurious about it?

>> well, first of all, at the time, this thing is going down. it just smells bad. it looks like petty, political retribution at the time it's going down. why didn't he inquire? why didn't he try to stop something that's a big traffic problem on the first day of school impacting ems vehicles and all the rest. it's a former u.s. attorney , what he's telling reporters yesterday, i said when this thing came out, you have an hour to tell me if we were involved. how about saying, tell me everything. i want to know everybody who was involved at every level. i think that's going to keep these questions going there. federal investigations and obviously the state house in new jersey's going to keep the pressure on. again, it comes down to do you believe that he had no knowledge of a rogue political operation? or did people think this was something ultimately the governor would want if he was denied an endorsement by a democratic mayor in ft. lee to go ahead and do something like this.

>> and you mentioned this federal inquiry going on. that could go on for some time as prosecutors look into whether there was criminal activity here. does that put the brakes on something he would otherwise be doing for 2016 should he seek the presidency.

>> well, there's a lot of time before iowa. and the top democrat david axelrod said we have a tendency to look at these moments in the moment when there are very few of those. we're too far away to look at that kind of long-term impact. it will certainly fortify critics who think that christie peaked too early in his popularity. and republicans in the party who don't think he's that electable anyway. a northeastern governor, there are comparisons to rudy giuliani . but overall, too early to really judge that impact, i think.

>> david gregory in washington, i know you have a lot more on this on sunday