TODAY   |  January 09, 2014

Beyonce, Kelly Rowland crash karaoke singers

Musical megastar Beyonce and her fellow singer and longtime friend Kelly Rowland crashed in on a group of girls partying at a karaoke bar when they heard an older Beyonce song coming from their booth.

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>> about beyonce ?

>> i love karaoke but if beyonce and jay-z walked in --

>> three friends surprised. beyonce and rolen, arrived at the karaoke joint around midnight with an entourage. when they heard a beyonce song being sung in one of the booths, they barged in and look at the reaction from these two i don't think women.

>> these women -- well, one did faint back on the couch. can you imagine if you slept through beiayoncbeyonce?

>> they didn't weak -- wake her up. by the way, we were here with beyonce .

>> she was that close to beyonce yet somehow she slept right through it.

>> beyonce snuck in and did a little photo bomb with her.

>> i wonder what they were singing? beyonce and jay-z, what did they sing? mine would be meatloaf. "i'd do anything for love."

>> do you want to sing anything for us?

>> no.

>> heros, that's a big ballad.

>> at first they didn't believe it, if you believe the story. they didn't think it was possible.

>> that's beyonce !

>> that's pretty amazing.