TODAY   |  January 09, 2014

Burrito in a box? Too many preservatives, says KLG

The ladies of the fourth hour chat on the hottest topics, like a new burrito vending machine and the People’s Choice Awards sweep by Sandra Bullock and Justin Timberlake.

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>>> oh, hello, everybody. look at the people we have as temperatures rise here on thirsty thursday, january 9th . double digits?

>> you know what's funny, i can't believe how good -- i saw it was 23 degrees out, i was happy.

>> you go outside and you feel the difference between yesterday and 23.

>> the whole world is crazy.

>> so the people's choice awards were last night, guys. and 700 million fans voted.

>> i didn't realize that many people voted. so it must be cool if you're one of those selected and especially if you're sandra bullock .

>> everybody loves -- the woman cannot do anything wrong. she's perfect.

>> she won four. favorite movie actress , favorite comedic actress, favorite dramatic actress, favorite movie duo with george clooney for "gravity".

>> wow, wow, wow. was meryl streep upset?

>> she probably was.

>> "the heat" won best comedy. here is one of our favorite moments from that particular movie.

>> stop pulling me pants off.

>> jesus.

>> what?

>> what are those?

>> what? stop. stop it. those are my spanx. they hold everything together.

>> why, what's left -- to pop out.

>> you got to use a lot of that during that movie. only "wolf of wall street " had more. that was really funny though, wasn't it?

>> yeah, yeah, yeah. i'm happy for her. the only bad decision she ever made was that marriage. i guess she probably wouldn't see it as that.

>> she wouldn't.

>> she's not the type that lives in the past.

>> she isn't. i'm happy for her.

>> justin timberlake had a good night.

>> he did. he took home three awards and it was funny, at one point when he was getting up for the award, ellen thought it was for her. hello, not you, back down. back down.

>> was that shtick or did she really believe --

>> i don't know. but ellen did win, by the way, for best talk show host i think for the 18th year in the row or 15th.

>> she should take herself out of the running.

>> other people would like a chance.

>> rosie did and other people did as well.

>> yeah, so other people can have a chance.

>> other people can have a chance, yeah. so justin timberlake won for favorite male artist, favorite r b artist, favorite album for the "20/20 experience".

>> the best way to celebrate the wins is this. taco bell and posed for photos with all the people who worked there, behind the counter. he's a cool guy. there is something so great about him.

>> he's a delightful guy. and the new thing is vendors, vending machines -- why were we up so dag gone early? throws me off my game.

>> we don't know what we were doing there, but --

>> they need us.

>> they did.

>> desperately.

>> there were no other women around, but --

>> exactly.

>> but we talked about this thing, called a burrito box. it is a vending machine and you put your money in it, and the burrito heats up --

>> in 60 seconds .

>> in 60 seconds you can get extra sour cream, guacamole, hot sauce , a little extra for that. while you're waiting, because who wants to stand anywhere for 60 seconds , they play a music video you can watch to pass the time. it is at a gas station in santa monica .

>> i think it is probably going to be very successful. there is always people that want something on the run and want something hot instead of --

>> would you eat something hot out of a vending machine ? how are they heating it in there? a microwave inside?

>> i don't know how they do it. you know how challenged i am, but i just worry about how many preservatives have to be in something sitting in a package for that long before it is being eaten by a human being . i think it is a concern. i would want to know about the, you know, preservatives.

>> and burritos, beef or bean? if you want meat, that's been sitting --

>> i like old beans.

>> or old meat. i really want to get my money's worth with old beans. there is this target worker who helped catch a kidnap, hoda woman.

>> this woman, her name was roxanne ramirez, she did that. she works at target. she noticed something weird in the store and saw the guy fidgeting and sending off weird signals and strange vibe. she said, i'm going to --

>> she walked outside and wrote down his license plate number and put it in her purse and thought if something pops up, i would have been smart enough -- later that night, it turns out there was an amber alert issue, when a child is missing, a 7-year-old, she described the kidnapper and it was the same weirdo she saw in the parking lot .

>> i'm so proud of that lady. she gave the police the license plate number, and thanks to her tip, 45 minutes late, the police got the child. do you know how critical the first hours are? kidnapper is david douglas , we would like to tell you all his name.

>> and he said, here's why he did it. the quote is, the government made him kidnap the child.

>> i think we know what we're dealing with now.

>> yes.

>> all right. is it okay or not okay to ignore social media ?

>> i wonder what we said.

>> hmm.

>> sure it's okay. i did it for years. i understand why people want to connect and now i understand why people want to disconnect.

>> you understand it.

>> yes.

>> all right. sure it's okay. you get to choose what you let into your world.

>> that makes sense, hodi.

>> thank you. that was intelligent.

>> we need to work on the timing of that a little bit.

>> a little bit.

>> so we have been talking about our moves of the day. today we have carrie dar. we have been going through some moves on how to get fit. carrie from pure bar. she's doing the underarm jiggle.

>> she's going to show us what to do about the underarm.

>> and the stuff that falls over your bra strap.

>> i hate that stuff.

>> do the exercise during this commercial break. we'll check in with her later. did you know, we made a list.

>> we did?

>> yes. and it is not a bad one like we usually do. the question here is who would be your ideal bride's maid. david's bridal asked. most people loved tina fey and amy poehler . they were number one. jennifer aniston and courteney cox came in second. katy perry came in third. lucy and ethel came in fourth. and --

>> shirley and laverne --

>> but pulling up the rear with 6 of the vote was us. we were at the bottom of the list.

>> we're on the list. thank you very, very much, everybody.