TODAY   |  January 09, 2014

Splurges and steals: Upgrade kitchen appliances

Nilou Motamed, editor-in-chief of, shows Willie Geist and Jenna Bush Hager how to step up kitchen gadgets with some of her top picks, including the Breville YouBrew coffee maker, KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer, and All-Clad Deluxe slow cooker.

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>>> if you're looking to upgrade your small kitchen appliances this new year, like a new mixer or food processor , the choicing can -- choices can be overwhelming and expensive.

>> let's start with the coffee maker . you're waking up, watching the "today" show and brewing a cup of coffee .

>> my favorite part of the day is a cup of coffee .

>> let's talk about this machine. it's all built in one. can you put some coffee right in there? it has a grind are built in.

>> what do you do?

>> let's not turn it on. it makes a lot of noise.

>> i want to grind.

>> you want to grind?

>> close this. press the grind button.

>> where's the grind button?

>> start. power. and start!

>> no, that may make the coffee.

>> no, there's a grind button but i don't know where it is.

>> that's fine, it doesn't matter.

>> the gist is the best way to get great coffee is to get it fresh live ground. at bed & best, they sell this. but the bona vita does everything you want to do with the push of a button.

>> does it grind?

>> no, it does not grind. more classic coffee maker . it brews your coffee at 205 degrees of water, exactly the right temperature for coffee. if you want to do more diy -- oh, i should have given you some tips. you have to let it bloom there.

>> what's wrong with that?

>> this is $47 and this is what coffee snobs say is the ultimate for the most amazing, unbitter cup of coffee . now we're now we're going to the mixers. everyone wonders should i spend $300 on a kitchen aid ?

>> plus it comes in this beautiful red.

>> it comes in a lot of colors.

>> jenna, do you want to do the honors?

>> i'm not very good in the kitchen.

>> pour slowly. see hough nicely that's working. that makes you want to bake something. this is going to be a birthday cake for your little one.

>> this is about $350?

>> about 350. this will last you -- yesterday they were saying his wife had it for 25 years and he's been baking with it ever since. this is a cuisinart. if you're not somebody who has a lot of room --

>> this is great for new york city purposes.

>> i have both.

>> this is about $80.

>> let's move to what every texan has in their house.

>> you have this in your house?

>> it's the good old slow cooker .

>> it's also called a crock pot .

>> this is actually a slow cooker .

>> what i love about it is you can first brown your meet on the stove and then put it and set it and forget it.

>> it's delicious. you can leave it on all day long.

>> you said this is the splurge.

>> this is our steal. this is a hamilton beach . we love this because it has a probe built in so you don't sneak a peek. when you're cooking, the last thing you want to do is open it up because all the heat comes out.

>> let's keep move hearing.

>> a juicer.

>> food processor .

>> it looks like we're juicing, right?

>> no, we're slicing.

>> okay. this is like --

>> how did you do that?

>> turn it on.

>> how do you turn it on?

>> you're not even helping it and it's working.

>> look, that's amazing.

>> turn it off.

>> does anybody want me to come over and cook tonight? i think not.

>> so this has an incredible number of options and attachments. and our hamilton beach is a great deal.

>> this is a reversible gridle and grill. if you want to bring a little summer into your home in summertime.

>> and the good old george foreman .

>> i love this for paninis