TODAY   |  January 09, 2014

Secrets your dermatologist won’t tell you

Dermatologists Dr. Melanie Grossman and Dr. Jeanine Downie fill Willie Geist and Jenna Bush Hager in on how to get better-looking skin, including keeping your loofah and razor out of the shower, sleeping on your back to minimize face wrinkles, and exercising daily to get a natural glow.

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>> tell you how to get better looking skin with the help of two dermatologists, dr. melanie grossman and dr. jannine downing. good morning, guys.

>> good morning.

>> great to see you.

>> maybe i've been doing this wrong for 32 years, or until i shaved i guess, fifth grade on. you cannot keep a razor or loofah in the shower?

>> you shouldn't do that. they harbor bacteria because of the moist air in the shower. it's best to remove the razor from the shower and change them frequently. i prefer using liquid scrubs rather than loofahs.

>> do you even know what a loofah is?

>> vaguely.

>> people use them all over. we don't recommend them. do you have use one?

>> no.

>> if the dermatologists don't use it, we won't.

>> okay, try to sleep on your back. why is that important?

>> as you sleep on your face, you crush your face and get more wrinkles. you should sleep with a satin pillow case because your --

>> your skin looks amazing. you say you can actually tell by looking at somebody which side they sleep on.

>> do you sleep on that side of your face, jenna?

>> yes.

>> basically that means i have more wrinkles on that side.

>> 80% accuracy with it.

>> the worst part of this segment is you have two dermatologists this close to you looking at your skin. it's not fair.

>> the cheek wrinkle!

>> you look great. you're very pretty.

>> thank you.

>> nice catch. dr. grossman, how about mixing up your exercise routine? don't run every day, do different things.

>> very important. people who do repetitive exercise, it shows. if you run every day, you lose the fat in the low part of your face and as you age, it shows up as sagging and wrinkles. swimmers have to be careful. if you use those goggles around the eyes, you get trauma around the eyes. you need to picks it up. i like the larger goggles that are more like a mask. it is important to exercise. i'm not saying don't exercise. you should do moderate exercise like 20 to 30 mants day.

>> it increases your glow factors, increases your skin and tones your muscles. i exercise seven days a week.

>> and we can tell. your skin is beautiful. let's move on to the eyes.

>> i'm going to take this one. i have eyelid dermatitis and my lef eyelid every day of my life is itchy and i don't touch it.

>> how do you do that?

>> sit on your hands, take anti- anti-histamin anti-histamines, and when you take your make-up off, take it off like a feather. and when it comes to eye cream at night, put eye cream on with your weakest finger, which is your weakest finger. my friend sheba taught me about this. the weakest finger is your ring finger . don't you agree, melanie?

>> absolutely. i have another tip for eye make-up remover. if you use liquid, use tepid, warm water and let it sit for a few minutes, then take it off.

>> and you both say sunscreen every day?

>> absolutely, every day.

>> all these tips and more on our web site . we're back in a moment.

>>> jenna, we're hearing "beautiful" right now. we love you just the way you are. we love you just the way you are

>> you're saying i don't need botox?