TODAY   |  January 09, 2014

Dick Wolf talks second book, ‘The Execution’

The creator of the successful crime franchise “Law & Order” discusses his second novel and his new NBC series, “Chicago P.D.”

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>>> is best known as creator of the huge franchise " law & order " and now he has a new show " chicago pd ." and also a crime novel . now you're becoming prolific. this one deals with chicago drug rings?

>> the hero of sorts.

>> you've got a villain in this one, chuparosa.

>> the humming bird .

>> tell me about him.

>> a very, very bad guy who at the beginning of the novel has just cut off about 22 people's heads in a mexican village but is a major drug cartel member and comes to new york where he is tracked by both fisk and a mexican undercover police officer named garza .

>> cecilia garza .

>> one of the strong female characters you like to create, you've done it on " law & order " and svu. if you had to cast cecilia garza tomorrow, what actress would be --

>> it's very dangerous to say that. if i was casting for tv, the names would be movie stars but that would be short sighted probably.

>> but are you always thinking about that, putting faces to characters?

>> sure. if it was penelope cruz that, would be just fine.

>> a spinoff of " chicago fire ." is it mostly ratings driven?

>> it's mostly ratings driven. we had two great cops on " chicago fire " last year and they were too good to pass up. it looked like too good an opportunity to build a show around them that's complementary to "fire."

>> your name has become almost synonymous with almost the kind of tv crime genre. what do you watch? is that all you watch when you're sitting at home? what's your guilty pleasure ?

>> my guilty pleasure since i got little kids is diego batman.

>> that's what you end up watching in the evening time?

>> that one knocked me out. it's not for 4-year-olds.

>> it seems writers have two or three stories they're already developing. how many more do you have in your head?

>> for the novels one specifically which i'm sort inform the middle of that hopefully will be out this time next year.

>> it takes you about a year a book?

>> you figure you'll be able to get out one a year. more than that, that would be a little bit heavy.

>> if anybody can do it, you can do it. so congratulations on the execution, " chicago pd ." there's always a lot of this evenings -- things to talk to you.

>> thank you.

>> you can watch "chicago