TODAY   |  January 09, 2014

Look back at controversial photos of Nigella Lawson

Vanity Fair writer Kevin Goldman examines the most controversial paparazzi photos of celebrity chef Nigella Lawson during her high profile divorce from Charles Saatchi and the recent embezzlement case involving the couple’s former assistants.

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>>> back now at 8:47 with the pictures behind the story. a violent altercation caught on camera been charles sachi and nigella lawson that led to the end of the couple's decades long marriage. kevin, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> let me ask you, why are we suddenly so fascinated with this couple? i'm not sure before those photographs a lot of people knew who nigella was and certainly charles sachi.

>> this is one of the public and nasty divorces in recent history. because of the photographs, the dissolution of the marriage was really played out before the public with him choking her, so-called s soo chi handshake.

>> there is dispute from each side about what's actually happening in the photographs. what's happening in those pictures?

>> nigella has told the court in london in a separate case that this came about because she looked at a baby walking past this very fancy restaurant and she said to her then husband she wanted to have a baby -- wanted to have grand chin and he violently was opposed to that, he said "you have to give all your attention to me." but the photography spoke to said he was over there for an hour and didn't see anyone for a baby.

>> isn't it odd that we're equivocating? shouldn't it just be don't put your hands on your wife that way?

>> you're absolutely right. charles ' friends told me they were talking about her daughter, whether she should stay in a marriage or go for an internship. and he told her to focus and that's why he grand her neck and said you have to focus, listen.

>> and you tracked down the paparazzo, john paul . what did he say?

>> he said it was a violent interaction. he said they just celebrated charles ' 70th birthday outside of this fancy restaurant. he does not think it was the baby, any reason for the altercation.

>> it does seem these photographs were the last straw in their marriage. afterwards nigella moved out quickly?

>> she moved out quickly. after this they went home, had a party, entertained friends and the following sunday she was out the doors. i thought charles handed her an excuse to end the marriage.

>> and they had a 70-second marriage, ended clean.

>> one of the quickest divorces in london, she moved out with her two children, spoke to charles once and never spoke to charles ' daughter from another marriage ever again.

>> kevin, it's good to see you again.

>> good to see you.