TODAY   |  January 09, 2014

Kris Jenner on ex Bruce: ‘We’re best friends’

With season nine of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” set to air on Jan. 19 on the E! Network, reality TV matriarch Kris Jenner talks about her recent split from Olympian Bruce Jenner in an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Carson Daly.

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>>> a brand new season of " keeping up with the kardashians " premieres later this month and there's a lot to keep up with, including the announcement of the fallout between kris and bruce jenner . i just don't like it, the more time we spend apart, the more they speculate about our family.

>> speculate about our family?

>> i know.

>> to be honest, i don't care.

>> i don't need our friends and family speculating.

>> kris kardashian is the executive producer. you're chuckling about that. what did you see funny about that?

>> it's just when you see it back because it's all so real and our family is continuing to transition and change every single season. and then you said "season nine" and i thought "season nine"?

>> what did you mean about the split.

>> i think you see a lot of what's going on in our lives, especially in the first several episodes of season nine. it's kind of shocking.

>> how'd they take it? what was the reaction?

>> you know, my family is so amazing and there's a lot of love and a lot of support. so i think all of different decisions we make individually, we always seem to come together as a family at the end of the day .

>> what is your relationship with bruce?

>> we're best friends . we talk all the time. and right now we're happier than we were. it's life as normal except we're living in two different houses.

>> what about the pony tail ? are you managing that, too?

>> i tried to manage. it needs its own manager. i think we've ganged up on him as a group. kendall and kylie are on trying to get rid of it.

>> what's been specifically some things that you've heard that have bothered you, either coming from the media or from within your own family?

>> we all have pretty tough skin. i think that after a while some things just get to you on a certain day. there's nothing really specific. it just that there's so -- 90% of it is more or less b.s. like when i read stuff, i'm like, oh, my goodness, this is like a creative writing assignment. but i think when you watch the show, it gives you a real clear picture.

>> embarking on a different path is khloe, there's been reports of a split and infidelity. but she said i don't regret anything about my life and i'm very happy with who i am. how difficult is it to see your kid go through a tough time, even though she's now an adult?

>> it's always tough when one of your kids goes through something like this. my heart is always with them 150%. and khloe, it's tough what she's been going through but, you know, we're just doing the best we can.

>> on the flip side you got baby north and kanye in the family?

>> oh, my gosh. and they live with me.

>> how's that going?

>> it's great. it's exciting to see her make all these changes. she's almost seven months old, so she's getting big.

>> nine seasons. did you think it would last this long?

>> nine seasons.

>> when you look at this, what do you think?

>> i love it. those are are the girls. i love it. it's really, really great and it makes me happy we all get to work together every single day so that's the joy, the blessing.

>> it's fun to see you. thank you, kris jenner . you can see the season premiere of " keeping up with the kardashians " on january 9th .