TODAY   |  January 09, 2014

Hungry? Vending machine offers ready-to-go burrito

A gas station in West Hollywood is selling made-to-order Mexican in the form of a “Burrito Box” that offers burrito varieties like chorizo sausage, uncured bacon, and egg and cheese.

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>> burrito box. what is that, you ask? the greatest invention of mankind.

>> we got to get one of these.

>> a vending machine in west hollywood sells hot burritos ready to go in seconds. they cost about $3. they have roasted potato, sausage, bacon, egg and cheese and it plays music and karaoke while you wait. guys, you need to get this.

>> would you eat a burrito out of a machine?

>> if hoda eats it first and tells me it's terrific, i would.

>> not regularly.

>> tomorrow.

>> at the moment i read there's only one of them but we're working on it. we're going to fly that baby in.

>> would you eat one?

>> absolutely.

>> even with velveeta cheese ?

>> i don't like the sound of uncured bacon. that doesn't sound healthy.

>> let's get it here.

>> too many chemicals in the guacamole. it's not going anywhere, don't worry about it. thank you, ladies. let's go back to savannah in arizona.