TODAY   |  January 09, 2014

Holy hitchhiker! Pope Francis gives a lift

The pontiff picked up a man on foot while riding through Saint Peter’s Square in Rome on Wednesday. It turned out the man was a priest and an old friend of Pope Francis’ from Argentina.

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>> by now we know pope francis isn't one to follow papal protocol but now he's taking a page out of hoda's book and picking up hitchhikers. he's in the pope mobile when a man calls out to him. he basically says are you going my way? then he offers the guy a ride.

>> before you start booking that ticket to rome, you should know this wasn't just any hitchhiker. the man is a priest and an old friend of the pope from argentina. but the hope recognized him and said get up here.

>> but the man remembers his friends from the past.

>> that's sweet.

>> well, he's only been pope for a few months.

>> all right, ladies. so how would you like a date