TODAY   |  January 09, 2014

See Gabby Giffords’ skydiving jump in 1 minute

TODAY exclusive: Watch video of the former congresswoman soaring through the air, achieving an important milestone in her recovery and marking three years since the shooting that injured her.

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>> then it was time for take-off.

>> good luck. be careful.

>> thank you.

>> ready? go get 'em.

>> oh, my god! whoo!

>> way to go, gabs!

>> nice job, you did good.

>> you got it. you got it.

>> whoo!

>> gorgeous. good stuff.

>> what took me so long to get here? you beat me.

>> did you hold on tight ?

>> not really.

>> did do you any tricks, like a loop or anything?

>> loop, loop.

>> you did?

>> yes.

>> cool as a cucumber.