TODAY   |  January 08, 2014

The best jeans for any body type, under $50

Style expert Rebekah George presents some awesome jeans unique to your body type but at a universally low price.

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>> you ask any woman, and she will tell you shopping for jeans can be extremely frustrating to try to squeeze yourself into a dozen pairs, none of them fit and you want out.

>> don't i know it, rebecca george is here with all the best jeans for body types and all under $50. rebecca, good to see you.

>> good to see you guys.

>> good prices here. let's get into them. the first denim dilemma is sophia.

>> most women have this. they don't want to wear jeans that will show off their hips and thighs, they want to look slimmer. sofia was married to the skinny jean because she thought it was on trend. we put her in this bootcut. it's a slight a-line at the bottom, that adds proportion for her body, slimming out her hips and thighs. if you take a look at the waistband, you'll notice it's a contrast waistband, it's contoured, really showing off her waistline and not going to give that dreaded muffin top .

>> you like it?

>> i love it.

>> and the dark wash.

>> very on trend and slimming.

>> love it. fantastic on you. next denim dilemma based on the fact that our next model was buying jeans that were too big on her. she's a petite woman.

>> she's very petite, buying them two sizes too big because she couldn't find something that fits over her hips. who knows curves better than the kardashian? they're made with 1% spandex. that helps to stretch over the thighs but still fit really nicely. we put her in a straight leg so it doesn't look too tight on her body. and i think they show off her curves nicely.

>> fantastic. they look great.

>> very good. let's move on to carissa. petite but has trouble finding a flattering fit.

>> she does. she likes sticking with baggier jeans because she doesn't like anything too tight on her thighs or calves. this is from american eagle , the boyfriend jean. if you want to do the boyfriend jean right, this is an example. not cuffed too highly up the leg because that enters the dreaded capri territory. you want it looser on the ankles to make your legs look skinnier, but fitting the hips and tush nicely. if it's nice and tight there and, of course, pairing it with heels looks superb.

>> fantastic. thank you.

>> we can't forget about the men, as well. and you talked to guys. guys have problems with the dad jeans. for those of you who don't know, willie doesn't wear dad jeans.

>> high-waisted, saggy on the tush and outdated washes. we threw all those out and updated him with this pair from old navy. a straight leg, dark rims, it's a consistent wash throughout. we don't want him to look like his 20-year-old son either. it also has the contrast stitching, very on trend. nice large pockets in the back, going to give him a nice defined behind.

>> all right. perry --

>> do you like them?

>> they're good.

>> looking sharp.

>> under $30. got to like that.

>> let's go to sally ann . what's her dilemma?

>> she's a size 16 and felt like she couldn't find jeans. well, take a look at these jeans from forever 21 , $19.80.

>> they're beautiful.

>> come on.

>> a great skinny jean, fits her body superbly. she looks fantastic. they're 100% cotton, they fit like a jegging, and come on, cobalt blue jeans. go for the jewel tones. much easier to pull off than the neons and pastels.

>> you look great. and real quick, let's bring out ethan.

>> ethan looking fantastic. he didn't like jeans he couldn't tuck his shirt in. he couldn't find something to work with the waist. but these do, they're stretchy. but you're not going to get overly bunched up. they have an 80% recovery rate. so they won't get stretched to the point of no return.

>> sometimes dads go too far with the super skinny jeans .

>> you don't want to look like a teenager, age appropriate.

>> thumbs up.

>> thank you so much.

>> thanks to all of our models. great job.

>> by the way, if you've got a question on how to find the right jeans for you, tweet us and