TODAY   |  January 08, 2014

Funnyman Will Forte talks about his turn to drama

The former “SNL” cast member who played “MacGruber” talks about his recent turn to dramatic roles in the critically acclaimed film “Nebraska” and the upcoming “Run & Jump.”

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>>> do?

>> you point it and you shoot it.

>> okay. okay. here it goes. oh, i got a barrel.

>> good call. good call.

>> he's come a long way from his days as special agent operations agent macgruber.

>> will forte has taken a more serious turn now in "nebraska" and "run and jump."

>> and here to tell us all about them. will, good morning.

>> thanks for having me.

>> you're now taking this turn to --

>> good taste.

>> well, we all love it. exactly. you've taken this turn now doing drama. was it a big leap for you to do that?

>> it was pretty scary at first. you know, i've just had no experience, no formal dramatic acting training. so it was hard to not be in my head for a while about it.

>> how does a role, will, like that come up for you? people know you. they put you in this "snl" box. they know you're hilarious. was it a director that said i see something in you?

>> there was a woman named steph greene who had this movie called "run and jump" she was going to direct in ireland, very small budget. and she for some reason thought of me for this part. so i looked at the script, loved it and thought, oh, if she wants to have me be in this, it's a great script, i would love to try it. it's so different, but why not?

>> you're a neuropsychologist who moves in with this irish family. what's that like?

>> i don't do an irish accent , just so you know.

>> so you didn't try one out?

>> well, my irish accent is just like the lucky charms .

>> let's hear your irish.

>> green clovers. not good.

>> give him the oscar.

>> stick with the american accent .

>> yes.

>> how about nebraska? this is getting so much buzz.

>> it has been so -- such an exciting experience getting to share that movie with people. my parents have put up with a lot of stuff. they've actually lost friends from sending them to see some stuff i've done like "macgruber." so we're kind of winning them back with this dramatic --

>> more serious role.

>> yeah. very exciting to share that with my family.

>> i can think of a couple of scenes in particular that lost your mother's friends.

>> the movie's up for lots of nominations. and you just took the national border review award, as well.

>> yeah. that was last night. it was exciting.

>> congratulations.

>> thank you very much.

>> this must be a very cool time for you. you probably didn't see it coming in your career, right?

>> i would have never expected the last year of my life to happen. it's been really fun. came out of in where. nowhere.

>> that's the best part.

>> oh, yeah.

>> now, let's talk about your buddies, jimmy moving up --

>> not buddies. do not like him.

>> jimmy fallon ?

>> how about seth myers ?

>> and seth ? even worse?

>> yeah. both just -- no, they're wonderful. jimmy already is, you know, has been doing his show. he's going to be so great with the " tonight show ." and seth is just going to have the best show, too. i'm excited for them. i will not go on their shows, but i'm excited for them.

>> okay.

>> anything they would ever want me to do. i love those guys.

>> and also, over at "snl" a cool time of transition. they hired the first african- american woman to be hired in five years.

>> i just heard that this morning. that's exciting.

>> yeah.

>> you know --

>> you've been doing movies.

>> that's right. i don't have time for this stuff.

>> big movies.

>> that's exciting. i don't know anything about her. where did she come from?

>> ucb.

>> okay.

>> very funny, very talented.

>> awesome.

>> a lot of people excited about her debut on january 18th . good luck.

>> thank you very much.

>> are you going to the golden globes this weekend?

>> yeah.

>> we'll see you there.

>> awesome.

>> will you talk to me on the red carpet ?

>> of course.

>> who will you be wearing?

>> as long as it's not jimmy or seth . roker's good.

>> get ready for the will you be wearing question.