TODAY   |  January 08, 2014

Wearable tech, high-res TVs: CES shows the future

CNBC’s Jon Fortt presents some of the latest tech on display at the Consumer Electronics Show, including 4K resolution HDTV’s and a suite of digital wearable devices for you and even your pet.

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>>> some of the coolest gadgets and gizmos on display at this year's consumer electronics show . jon fortt is there. good morning to you.

>> reporter: morning, matt. you know, this year at ces, it's definitely not about just one piece of hardware. it's more about what some are calling the internet of things . wirelessly connecting everything in our lives from cars to baby onesies.

>> reporter: it's a gear head's paradise. ces attracts geeks from all over the world all looking to sell or discover the next must-have gadget. television sets with four times the resolution of current hd screens, wired cars which manufacturers like audi hope will soon be driving you. the digital revolution reaching into every light switch and countertop in your home.

>> you have your smartphone now and all of these different devices that have wireless connectivity to come together.

>> and, of course, this year's show is exploding with all types of wearables from devices that give performance feedback to fitness buffs to jewelry that tells you how much sunscreen to put on. these days, the push to sync up our whole world now reaches all the way to the cradle. products like nemo are going past the standard baby monitors with censorized onesies.

>> also audio so mom and dad can get the information live realtime on their phone.

>> will that really put a parent's mind at ease? or is it just more work with potentially troubling privacy concerns?

>> we're going to flood our world with sensors. are you personally in your house? is somebody else? is your wife? where are your children?

>> reporter: and once you, your home and your babies are all wired up, what's next? that's right. new products like voice are after the doggy wearable market. this monitors a dog's vital signs and tracks the overall health.

>> dogs can't talk and veterinarians struggle on trying to capture early warning signs of potential conditions when they only see an animal once a year.

>> they used to say on the internet, nobody knows you're a dog. with this technology, they'll not only know you're a dog, they'll know when you need a tummy rub.

>> like everything else we've seen in the advance of technology over the last 30 years, it's going to have great benefits and cool things about it. and it's going to have privacy implications.

>> reporter: not exactly sure how that onesie will handle blowouts? as a dad, we've had quite a few, but the internet thing needs a little work.

>> we all get that.

>> i had one of those once.

>> yeah.