TODAY   |  January 08, 2014

World reacts to chilling temperatures in US

People living in some of the coldest climates in the world, including Iceland, Siberia and parts of Scotland, react to the freezing temperatures in the U.S. and offer some advice on dealing with the winter chill. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> meantime, we've been showing you nbc's michelle kosinski enjoying a swim in usually frigid reykjavik, iceland, while we're in the cold. why are you there? and you must have tips for all of us back here.

>> she's showing the bikini bridge.

>> reporter: i thought bikini bridge was a condo down in miami. it is exactly zero degrees celsius right now. which is perfect swimming weather. people have morning meetings in here. you can feel your hair freezing. but america's freeze is news around the world now. it's interesting to hear advice coming from reykjavik and siberia, places where it's also vital to be able to find ways to enjoy that kind of weather.

>> polar vortex is now hitting the uk. the temperature and normally brutal upper scotland, though, 45 degrees. moscow, 36, greenland 37. siberia, five above zero, even the north pole eight degrees. places of the u.s. have been more like antarctica at negative 13. but seeing those pictures leaves some in these parking lots sheets of ice.

>> you have almost no clothes on.

>> reporter: both feeling for americans and confused.

>> they don't understand why this is so much problem.

>> plenty of advice. things like the right boot light candles for coziness.

>> and then you go for walk for two hours.

>> just relax.

>> reporter: people in the frozen north cannot believe how cold it is in america right now. one woman said she was afraid for americans because looked like their exposed faces were freezing. but people here say for them, most important to getting through a bitterly cold winter is exercise and socializing. one website from finland actually gave the advice to remember to keep smiling. back to you guys there in frozen new york. but i'll tell you, i'm not getting out of this pool until some time around july.

>> we're hoping.

>> michelle, what's that box floating behind you.

>> her isb maybe?

>> yeah, it's a cable going into my ear.