TODAY   |  January 08, 2014

Are you a binge drinker?

A new study by the Centers for Disease Control estimates that about 38 million Americans drink too much. The study defines binge drinking for women as having more than four alcoholic drinks in one sitting, and five for men.

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>>> we. i think it's kind of a sobering question. are you a binge drinker? anybody here?

>> we're not going to own up to that.

>> line up the shots and go.

>> but you have to figure out what the definition of binge drinking is.

>> that's changed.

>> well, you may be surprised by the answer. here is what the cdc has to say about this. if you're a woman, you are binge drinking when you have at least four alcoholic beverages in one sitting. for men, it's simply five drinks. here, if you were to consume this, you would be kathie lee gifford or hoda.

>> i was going to say, where are kathie lee and hoda?

>> if you were to consume that, you would be a binge drinker.

>> in one sitting.

>> one long dinner?

>> are you sitting --

>> i guess most of us would be considered.

>> one night a week, what if it's a saturday night?

>> that would be binge drinking for that night. the government estimates about 38 million americans drink too much. they say doctors need to do more to help patients avoid the dangers of heavy drinking .

>> i'm living with a binge drinker. i just realized that.

>> wow.

>> a lot of us.