TODAY   |  January 08, 2014

Check out some of the iciest images in the country

Carson Daly is in the Orange Room presenting some of the best viewer-submitted videos and photos from the big freeze.

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>> to be a little warmer?

>> you were.

>> the cold spell 's over. not so much. the cold still dominates the news, social media . we've been collecting and many of your creative ways of hanging in the cold. did you see this one? did you see this one, guys?

>> the trampoline.

>> right on the trampoline.

>> and there you go.

>> very cool.

>> there you have it. jenna bailey wrote in, used food coloring and gave us this frozen rainbow. here's tonya noticed the fedex guy making deliveries wearing shorts.

>> that's crazy.

>> you can keep those coming at #todaycold. coming up today, more of our favorites. and michelle kosinski , a live shot of michelle somewhere in the world where normally it's very cold. apparently not this morning because she's skinny dipping. she'll have advice for the ice