TODAY   |  January 08, 2014

Some question supposed Velveeta shortage

Creators of the popular cheese product are warning of a possible Velveeta shortage as Super Bowl Sunday approaches, but some skeptics say it may just be a PR stunt. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> as the super bowl draws near, your nachos could be in jeopardy because the rumored velveeta shortage.

>> kerry sanders has been investigating this for us. he's in miami. what did you find out?

>> well, good morning, i'm at the miami-dade college culinary institute where they teach young chefs how to cook and sometimes find alternative ingredients. but, there are some folks who say that there are some tastes that cannot be replaced. and one of those is velveeta allegedly.

>> it's a staple when making nachos.

>> nachos without velveeta is nothing.

>> reporter: connoisseurs say nacho night doesn't work without that creamy, gooey cheese-like product velveeta .

>> i'm not so sure this is a real shortage. we might be just spreading rumors, what do you think?

>> this has to be the cheesiest story ever.

>> reporter: there was no big cheese to appear on camera. but kraft issued a statement tuesday. it is possible some consumers may not be able to find some velveeta products on store shelves over the next couple of weeks. the makers of velveeta curd not say if there's a whey to solve the shortage quickly. on twitter katie posted, what, no velveeta , the world is officially over. she had to go to three groceries recently before she found a supply.

>> i lived through it. there could be a shortage.

>> reporter: with the upcoming super bowl , some worry this shortage could spread. but absent explanation from kraft as to why there's a shortage, the great void to some is a story with more holes than swiss cheese .

>> the chances of them actually running out of cheese before the biggest dipping day of the year seems a little farfetched. this has all the hallmarks of a pr stunt.

>> and he is not alone in thinking this whole shortage story, this alleged shortage was crafted by the company that manufactures this. after all, the name of the company is kraft .

>> yeah. yeah. the timing of it somewhat suspicious.

>> meanwhile, we also want to mention, there's going to be a shortage of don't make me stop this car books written by al roker in time for the summer season.

>> kerry, when people are going out, i guess they ran out of cracker barrel cheese. none of that on the shelves, real cheese?

>> reporter: i don't know. this is allegedly a combination of many different types of cheeses and, i don't know.

>> i think matt has never tried velveeta .

>> get in there, matt.

>> come on. give it a try. there is a shortage.