TODAY   |  January 08, 2014

Exclusive: Giffords will sky-dive to mark shooting

Gabby Giffords will achieve an important milestone on her road to recovery this week, sky-diving to mark the third anniversary of the Tucson, Ariz. shooting that injured her. Savannah Guthrie will join her for the major leap on Wednesday. The jump will air in a TODAY exclusive on Thursday.

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>> and savannah on assignment. what can you tell us about your big assignment?

>> well, good morning to all of you. for one thing, i'm in a place a lot warmer than where you are right now. i'm in tucson, arizona , the place i grew up. this is also the place three years ago today someone walked in and -- and shot gaby giffords, former congresswoman from this area and 18 other people. and today gaby giffords is going to do something incredibly courageous and inspiring and a little bit surprising, she's going to sky dive here in arizona to commemorate the three-year anniversary and all of the progress that she's made. she is an incredibly brave person. she's someone who used to love to sky dive before this shooting took place. she hasn't done it since. so today she's going to go up in a plane here in arizona . her husband will be there, her mom will be there. and she's going to jump with a navy s.e.a.l. she's jumped with before, somebody later injured in afghanistan. and they are going to take the plunge together today. and we'll have the story for you tomorrow on "today."

>> i just want to -- are you also taking part in this? of course, you have to.

>> i get to go up in the plane, and i will get to watch. this is gaby 's moment.

>> okay. all right.

>> yeah. it'll be really, really neat.

>> incredible. she has more courage than all of us.

>> we look forward to seeing gab gabby giffords ' leap of faith tomorrow on "today." thank you.

>> my pleasure. now go back inside.