TODAY   |  January 08, 2014

Avalanche kills grandson of Vail ski resort founder

Freestyle skier Anthony “Tony” Seibert was killed in an avalanche close to the Colorado resort built in the 1960s by his grandfather, Peter Seibert Sr. Three others were injured and are being treated for injuries this morning. TODAY’s Willie Geist reports.

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>>> well, meanwhile, willie has the story of a tragic accident out in colorado.

>> this is a sad story, guys. a freestyle skier has been killed in an avalanche. it's the fifth avalanche related death in the past two weeks.

>> we are devastated because we have lost one of our children. and it could have been any one of our children.

>> the community in colorado is coping with a heartbreaking loss this morning. the death of 24-year-old tony killed in an avalanche on tuesday while skiing with three friends in the back country regions of the mountains.

>> tony was a typical kid that grew up in vail.

>> the grandson of peter cyber.

>> is that an avalanche?

>> reporter: two weeks ago, vail's back country was the scene of this avalanche. skiers triggered a wave of snow that swallowed the 22-year-old, burying everything but his head and left arm. he was rescued by his younger brother jack.

>> we were lucky they were able to find me and my head was above before it got dark.

>> tributes to seibert were posted on social media . despite the dangers of skiing in areas at risk for avalanches, friends and family say seibert and the others were experienced skiers most at home on the slopes.

>> they love the mountain. they love the life. they love the freedom this lifestyle provides them.