TODAY   |  January 08, 2014

Up to 3 feet of snow expected in upstate New York

NBC’s Katy Tur reports from Buffalo, New York, where large snowfall is expected to interrupt road travel.

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>>> meanwhile, blinding snow and strong winds have led officials to shut down major highways in western new york and more snow is expected today. just north of syracuse. katie, good morning.

>> good morning, natalie, we're actually right on lake ontario . wish you could see behind me, there's amazing icy waves breaking over right a little bit behind me. there's good news and bad news out here. i'm going to give you the good news first. right now, it is 12 degrees, negative eight with the windchill and the winds are about 20 miles an hour. and that is good news. it's about ten degrees warmer in most of the areas around here than it was at this time yesterday. the bad news is that it's still pretty bad to the north of us in adams and watertown. that's where the heavy lake effect snow bands are hanging. 2 inches an hour at least since yesterday. you can only imagine how much snow they've gotten so far. it's actually -- they're not able to measure it because the winds are going so strong out there. we try to make our way up there, but the roads are impassable, zero visibility, no choice but to turn around. over in buffalo, it is getting a little bit better. the worst is over. i-90 is open once again, but they had an historic blizzard, the first one since 1993 , and they will be getting snow later today . little bit better, winds are still going, but it's a lot better than it was yesterday. back to you.