TODAY   |  January 08, 2014

FSU T-shirt gaffe shows wrong winning team

Florida State fans are still celebrating their big win in the BCS championship game Monday night – but hopefully not in this T-shirt, which shows the Auburn Tigers winning the title game. The shirt was sold for a brief period on Florida State University’s own website.

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>>> florida state seminole football fans still celebrating their big win monday night. but hopefully they're not doing it in this t-shirt. it was on sale at florida state university 's own website. take a close look at the score on the shirt, shows auburn winning the title game 34-31. ouch. the shirt was sold for a brief period tuesday.

>> it's wrong.

>> everything's wrong.

>> wrong year, everything.

>> it was eventually pulled from the website. went for about $19.95. now a collector's item. you get it on ebay for a big price if you're wearing that around.

>> auburn fans are buying it.

>> now they're celebrating.

>> party at auburn.