TODAY   |  January 07, 2014

Dean Cain goes from Superman to Bigfoot hunter

The actor who played Superman on “Lois & Clark” talks his new gig as host of “10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty” on Spike TV, where contestants compete on an expedition to prove the legendary creature really exists.

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>>> who wouldn't want the guy who flew faster than a speeding bullet as superman in the '90s hit tv series. co-do he could do it -- he flew all kinds of ways.

>> actor dean cain in his latest adventure is called "$ 10 million big foot bounty." he leads nine competing teams in an competent decision for proof that big foot really does exist. take a look.

>> time for your first field test . field tests are designed to prove to us that you have the essential skills needed to track down big foot . today you'll need to show us that you can collect dna from wild animals . because a dna sample from big foot could win you $ 10 million .

>> $ 10 million .

>> $ 10 million .

>> mm.

>> welcome back, dean.

>> thank you.

>> by the way --

>> i'm color coordinated. i want to point out.

>> you got a shotout on our show. carson was filling in on friday and he talked about how the show was loosely produced by joanne, one of our producer and thought it might be a good idea if somebody else was called upon to do the show. i think we have a little --

>> joanne --

>> our ace producing department.

>> it is organized chaos.

>> she said you're -- you're not invited back. that's what was said from the sideline.

>> dean cain , carson daly . they're going to need you soon.

>> that's funny.

>> uh-huh.

>> sometimes truth and reality are -- it is right there.

>> right there.

>> he didn't call me, dang it.

>> little jealous, were you watching?

>> when carson is on, i don't watch so much because, you know --

>> tell us about this big foot series. is it realistic? somebody is going to win this 10 million ?

>> 100% so.

>> really?

>> the qualifications are dna and visual proof. the guns are dart guns. you can shoot them with a biopsy dart gun and prove through dna testing that this is an unknown nonhuman primate species.

>> okay.

>> 10 million bucks if you can do it. it is a lot of money. we have full scientists on site with us. we really take it very seriously. high technology , flare binoculars, you name it.

>> i dated a couple of guys that would -- if only i had known, i would be $ 10 million . it is amazing.

>> we want to answer the question. and everybody talks about it, everybody thinks it is funny, but everybody wonders at the same time. i was in the same boat. so i can't say where i am now.

>> where did you go to shoot this? hoda and i went --

>> we did. where did we go? ohio .

>> somewhere in ohio , i don't know, but --

>> river valley . didn't go there. we were in four different states. we were in pacific northwest , washington state --

>> he's not there. we know.

>> you looked. there are statutes on the books in washington state , washington state that says you cannot harass or hunt big foot . they're on the books, yeah. and we were in oregon and we were in way northern california and --

>> no, no, no. not there. he's in ohio .

>> there was an article that a guy in texas said he found and shot him and --

>> yeah.

>> one of the contestants on our show has a story like that where he claims to have killed him -- he calls him big feet. so he claims to have done that as well. i can't say what happens on the show. but i started very skeptical, as all of us are and i'm a little less skeptical now.

>> who are these people who are on the hunt?

>> well, any reality show you have obviously the people who make up the show are the interesting parties and these are professional hunters, professional trackers, native american trackers, all sorts of different people, hunters, just regular hunters, big game hunters, wildlife photographers, everything. we got a big cross section . some of them are professional sasquatchers.

>> our guide was a guy who had -- he had been looking for him longer than anybody in the history of the world . it was fun.

>> we know some of those guys too. and it is amazing the stories you hear and we want to get past the stories and see what really takes place.

>> how long will the series last?

>> eight episodes.

>> eight episodes to find big foot and get 10 million bucks.

>> i like it.

>> anything to say you hung out with superman.

>> nothing gets you going out there for real like $ 10 million .

>> we love you, sweetie.

>> we love you.

>> visit us anytime.

>> carson , forget it, buddy.

>> yes!

>> it premieres this friday night