TODAY   |  January 07, 2014

DIY your home with simple household items

Founder and CEO of Brit + Co. Brit Morin provides some great ways to DIY your home using products like ice trays and thumbtacks.

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>>> if you are looking for some new looks at home but don't want to rack up more credit card debt , how about doing it yourself?

>> founder and ceo of brit & company. good to see you as always.

>> good to see you.

>> let's jump into some of these thumb tacks right away. this nail head thing is very popular.

>> items from around the home. thumb tacks , a nail head trim look, but done for a margin of the price. so easy. you can also do the same thing with artwork. this is a little motto we use in our home a lot, just poke it right through the canvas, paint your canvas whatever color you want and under $10.

>> incredible.

>> and moving on to sharpie markers. this is something great because you don't have to wait for it to dry. it's not like paint. and all i did was created an outline of a heart, used painter's tape to create the edges and used a straight-edge ruler to go over this with a sharpie marker .

>> i'm not creative, so.

>> i don't know about natalie, but willie could do it. speaking of sharpie art, this is ceramic. you don't have to be an artist, just draw lines, dots, whatever you want . seal the design, bake it in the oven at 250 for 20 minutes . make sure to do that.

>> you can find it anywhere for a few bucks.

>> what's next on the list? making candles with crayons?

>> yeah. another use for crayons. you can make your own color block candles. it's definitely still in as a trend. add a crayon into it as the dye. and then start pouring into these little glass votives, and you've got your candle. couple bucks each.

>> cool. ice trays are a decorator's dream, right?

>> so versatile. you can do so much with them. store your knickknacks, you can use them to actually create a paint palate with all of your paints. if you have lack of a yard and want to grow herbs in your kitchen, you can poor your own herbs and soil into these and create your own garden which is really fun. all of us have used pool noodles before. don't lie to me, right?

>> yeah.

>> if you want to get rid of some. maybe they're old and taking up space, you can turn them into wreaths.

>> that's cute.

>> tape the end of them in a circle. what we've done here is added a little bit of velcro tape on the back so you can stick on whatever you want to and this makes it versatile. you can use it all yearlong, hearts for valentine's day, flowers for summer and spring.

>> and it can be shabby chic . whatever you want to do, makes it super easy.

>> maybe this one. you can keep it.

>> fabulous. now this is something the kiz can do, right?

>> another way to repurpose your noodle is to turn it into a racetrack.

>> come on.

>> yeah. split it down the middle, toothpicks for your flags. you ready?

>> ready.

>> the checkered flag , you've got the fast car.

>> mine's orange.

>> on your mark, get set, go!

>> i give the edge to willie .

>> willie . yeah. i saw.

>> cheated just a little bit.

>> just a little bit.