TODAY   |  January 07, 2014

Jenna Wolfe’s workout tips for outside the gym

The TODAY correspondent, who is also a certified personal trainer, shares a couple of tips for workouts that viewers easily can do at home. She suggests setting a daily walking goal and doing squats while folding laundry.

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>> popularity because we are all so busy that this lets you set your own schedule when it's time to work out. if you're looking to squeeze in a workout on the fly, jenna has two quick tips for us and the start of many tips.

>> right. here is the deal. something i thought i would bring up. anyone, any fitness level anyone can do and you can do to make your life more active. start with walking. satisfactory goal for yourself. try to get in a certain number of steps every day. if you're a beginner thinking random number . how about 7,000 steps to stop and intermediate 10,000 and advanced up to 18,000 plus. you need a basic pedometer and one here is like ten bucks. you can wear the bands and different technology around your wrist which can give more detailed information to you and try to get the number of steps in. if you're thousand short go for a walk around your building. if you set a goal for yourself every day i guarantee you will get the walking in and get the steps in and feel better about yourself. number two. we all do laundry. instead of grabbing all of your clothes and sticking them in a basket and putting them up on a counter and start folding them squaw squat down each time and pick upclothing and pick it back up and fold it. craig, you're the only one not wearing heels. knees out and go down and grab something and put in your folding skills.

>> you didn't tell me i had to fold!

>> if you grab each item of clothing from your basket you're knocking out 20, 30, 40 squats each time. why yu sit ajust sit and do nothing when you can do this?

>> he can't fold very good.

>> he hasn't folded laundry in his life.

>> two quick things to get you started.

>> and you can do that while watching "weekend today." squat and laugh and enjoy.

>> and enjoy.

>> we will be back after these messages.

>> you have 18 more to do.

>>> that is going to do it for us on a