TODAY   |  January 07, 2014

Pizza ‘strudel’: A new take on the classic calzone

Elllie Krieger, author of “Weeknight Wonders,” demonstrates dinners that you can prepare in the time it takes to preheat the oven, including a rolled-up pizza “strudel” and savory red lentil, quinoa and vegetable stew.

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>>> we're back now at 8:52 in "today's kitchen." if you want a healthy meal but you're short on time like a lot of people, have no fear. kelly has new ideas, her new book is called "weeknight wonders," delicious healthy meals in 30 minutes or less. really? 30 minutes ?

>> really. i timed every single one, includes preheating the oven and chopping everything.

>> a lot of people you have to spend a lot of time slaving in the kitchen to make a meal that is really good.

>> you absolutely do not. i'm going to prove it today with these pizza strudels to start off.

>> a new take on a calzone?

>> yeah, sort of like that. very good. and one of the ingredients i take advantage of in the book, i make a lot of these pieces with the whole grain dough you can buy in the store. really using healthy convenience foods . we're just -- all you need to do for the calzone.

>> you see. i got you. you're going to roll that out.

>> roll this out and i want to give this little tip to people. because sometimes it feels like it springs back, you know, when you're working with it. let it rest for a few minutes and it'll stretch out and i use a combination of my hands as well as a rolling pin .

>> you're going to make one here or here, either side. i'll make this one. and you put some ricotta cheese on it. spread it out. and you can put some on and leave a little border, maybe a 2-inch border. and you're going to get your protein.

>> right.

>> and then i use another really great healthy convenience food , pre-washed spinach. pre-washed baby spinach. spread that on, sprinkle that on. and then two kinds of tomatoes. i always incorporate lots of vegetables, but no chopped vegetables.

>> okay.

>> a little bit of chopping. and that's going to save time. and by the way, all of this, you can prepare in the time it's taking to preheat the oven for the strudel.

>> and then some cheese?

>> some fresh tomatoes, basil and cheese. and brush the outside with some egg.

>> okay.

>> this is fun to do with kids. i have an 11-year-old and she loves this.

>> and you're going to roll that over. because i want to make sure we get to this lentil stew, as well.

>> it's super simple. i don't want anyone to be afraid of it. you literally roll it like a jelly roll .

>> how long does that cook?

>> 15 minutes . literally, half hour, it's done.

>> can you make this ahead of time? slice it up and freeze it?

>> you could. and you could make the whole thing ahead of time.

>> i'm going to take one of those with me. and come over and talk to me about this stew. a red lentil and quinoa stew.

>> yeah, the lentils and the quinoa cook at the same time. and it has these beautiful aromatic spices. and i like to garnish it with a little yogurt.

>> you talk about the aromatic part, it has almost an indian food quality.

>> yes, almost like indian chili. a little different, but not out of your comfort zone .

>> hello. oh.

>> that is really delicious. and this has to be so healthy for you.

>> less than 30 minutes . during the week when it's crazy busy, you can still make this.

>> talk about those desserts.

>> these are my mini pumpkin jar cakes, you put the batter in the jar and you put it in the microwave.

>> that's where it cooks? in the jar?

>> and it makes ice cream , too?

>> frozen yogurt.

>> thank you very much.

>>> from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker , natalie morales and willie geist live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

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