TODAY   |  January 07, 2014

‘Biggest Loser’ castoff is still losing for wedding

The latest two contestants booted off the hit weight-loss show, Matt Hooper and Hap Holmstead, tell TODAY that even since their elimination, they have been losing weight and plan to continue into the future.

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>> say hello to matt hooper. they are the contestants from "the biggest loser." well, you started off at 356 pounds on the ranch, you lost 93 pounds. how has it been going since then? what have you lost since that?

>> at this point, i've lost 120, i'm at 236.

>> good for you.

>> and i still have about four, five weeks left before finale. i feel great.

>> and half, let's talk about your weight loss. you lost 87 pounds on the ranch. now where are you?

>> now i've lost 110 pounds at 293 pounds.

>> what has this done in terms of changing your lives? matt, i know you're getting married soon and you wanted to do this for your bride to be.

>> well for me, yeah, it was about going into -- being the king of the day. you know, being fit for my wife, my future wife. and now i get to do that. now i get to live that.

>> a lot of trips to the tailor in the meantime.

>> i've been back to men's wearhouse three times just to see the numbers.

>> you've been traveling all the time. has it been hard to do the workouts regularly and keep on track with eating?

>> it's definitely hard. i have to do it. i'm kind of in a place right now where i'm forced to eat well, forced to work out. so the journey has begun on the biggest loser, i don't want it to end after the biggest loser. i want to continue to eat healthy.

>> you keep working on that at home prize, as well. good luck to you both and continued success and congratulations on your marriage.

>> thank you.

>> you can catch "the biggest loser" tonight right here on nbc.