TODAY   |  January 07, 2014

Ryan Seacrest talks ‘Idol,’ BlackBerry lawsuit

The TV and radio personality would not comment on a suit filed by BlackBerry against his technology startup company, Typo Products, over a smartphone keyboard design, but did say they would mount a defense. Seacrest also talks about the upcoming season of “American Idol.”

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>>> now to one of the reasons ryan seacrest is with us. " american idol " kicks off the 13th season next week.

>> after more than a decade's worth of auditions, judges, and yes, drama, he is still hunting for the next big pop star . ryan, good morning to you.

>> good morning. good to see you again.

>> 13 years, you've got to wrap your head around that.

>> it's incredible to think back to the first season where we had kelly clarkson . look at what she's accomplished and now go back and say this is " american idol " for the 13th year is cool.

>> did you ever think about leaving? ever come close to leaving?

>> never. not a chance. i'm so used to getting up each year and doing that show. and i love the process of going out and meeting somebody like that gentleman there and they've got the talent, seeing them become a star.

>> every time you come, there's lots to talk about. you're the co-founder of a company that makes a gadget called the typo.

>> yes, sir.

>> real quickly, you can attach it to an iphone and get that tactile keyboard kind of like a blackberry and it's kind of like a blackberry part that's making headlines because the blackberry company, the company that owns blackberry is suing your company over this thing. it's a copyright or patent infringement.

>> i'm aware of that but obviously can't comment on that lawsuit. this buddy of mine named lawrence, we created this because we wanted a physical keyboard, wanted to type efficiently and quickly and you can slip it on as a case.

>> answer this question. fight it or settle it?

>> defend it.

>> that sounds like fighting it.

>> defend it. okay.

>> speaking of defending. would you be defending your figure skating title in sochi?

>> so i went to learn how to figure skate. it didn't go well, well, for her, but not me. she's a superstar, and she's got a real shot to come back with some nice medals.

>> you're going to keep your day jobs, plural.

>> i don't know if you guys have done this often or much, i assume you have tried to figure skate, but the balance thing and stopping thing, that was an issue thing.

>> that's what the judges look for. balance thing and stopping thing.

>> ryan, it's great to catch up.

>>> coming up, healthy meals in 30 minutes or less right after your local news. fight it or settle it. that's