TODAY   |  January 07, 2014

Upstate New York gets blizzard and lightning

Katy Tur reports from Mexico, New York, where it’s 4 degrees and snowing, as Gabe Guttierez bundles up against the 7-degree weather in Atlanta, Ga., where public schools are shut.

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>>> let's move a little bit right now. heavy snow adding to the misery in upstate new york this morning. in mexico, new york, 30 miles north of syracuse, the temperature there is four degrees. katie , good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. no jokes about mexico. this is obviously not the very warm country, this is a very cold town in upstate new york . it's snowing right now, negative 22 with the windchill. and that's the issue here. i'm going to have my camera man pull all the way out some distance away. hopefully at some point you can see the winds as they pass through. gusting between 35 and 40 miles an hour making whiteout conditions on the road. in fact, 90 in buffalo, it's completely shut down. they're seeing their first blizzard there since 1993 , 89 by me is also shut down. a few miles north, getting 2 to 3 inches of snow per hour, but there's also lightning out there which makes it impossible and dangerous for us to go live there. this system which is expected to stay above us all day long will bring down feet of snow out here. feet. that is if the wind doesn't blow it all away.

>> all right. in new york, where it is 4 degrees . katie , thank you very much.

>>> let's continue our tour of cold weather . gabe gutierrez in atlanta this morning. and they're not used to cold like this. gabe, good morning to you.

>> reporter: savannah, good morning. dylan and katie have me beat, but here in the south, we're not used to these cold temperatures. in atlanta , the coldest in about 18 years. now, take a look at this thermometer, temperatures hovering around seven degrees right now. but i'm standing on a windy bridge, so the windchill feels much colder than that, feels subzero, the city of atlanta has opened up a temporary warming center overnight. atlanta public schools have also canceled classes today. so have other school districts throughout the south. from oklahoma to south carolina . mississippi has seen about 60 consecutive hours of subfreezing temperatures. and farmers around the region are watching this. those in florida seem to have dodged the worst of it. but other citrus growers in louisiana picked their oranges ahead of the polar plunge. here in atlanta and the south, it's not every day we get to say we're about 15 degrees colder than anchorage, alaska. guys, back to you.

>> gabe gutierrez in atlanta this