TODAY   |  January 07, 2014

Jimmy Fallon is on cover of Vanity Fair

Soon to take over as host of “The Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon is making the media rounds as he prepares to succeeding longtime host Jay Leno.

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>>> 8:15. cozy inside with what's trending today. have you seen the new issue of " vanity fair "?

>> no, i have not.

>> jimmy fallon with a few of his super model friends. you know he's going to be the host of the " tonight show " starting next month. he for this shoot took one for the team. parading around new york with super models scantily clad.

>> if you're going to do a cover, do a cover. it has articles? in the articles, tina fey reveals his big secret that he actually likes talking to people. and now jimmy's new show has released the new promo. take a look.

>> you ready for this?

>> this february, the tradition continues.

>> it's going to be a party.

>> and a new era begins.

>> i like to call him --

>> jimmy told " vanity fair " if all goes well, the " tonight show " will be his last job. and if it doesn't go well, it'll be his last job, also. he set it up.

>> can't wait for that.