TODAY   |  January 06, 2014

Kids get iPads? Here are the best apps for them

Like the human Body, which helps kids understand how the body works, and Shadow Puppet, which lets kids build their own little audio slideshows.

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>>> i never have.

>> with 20 million ipads sold this holiday, we're guessing it will be much more often. we decided to take a look at the best apps for kids.

>> liz gumbiner is publisher of cool mom tech. hello, liz.

>> nice to be here.

>> first things first, you hand over that smartphone or ipad, you want to protect -- you want it to be password protected.

>> you do not want to find out your kids have run up $100 in free lives on candy crush. go into your general settings, really simple, scroll down to something where it says restrictions, make sure they're enabled by typing in your password and just toggle on things like installing apps or in-app purchases to limit it.

>> is that yours?

>> it is mine.

>> we just saw your password.

>> that's okay.

>> let's talk about some of the apps you like. math racer.

>> so gib jab, they send the great ecards, you can put your faces in them, they come out with a great series of apps for kids called story bots. we have this new series of books and apps including this one called math racer, which i love. kids can put their own photo in it --

>> that's cute.

>> they zoom around the track and they have to answer questions. kathie lee , 6 plus 7.

>> 13.

>> yea.

>> that's cool.

>> we need to play this together.

>> yeah, you can win power boosts, very motivating for kids. if you get a wrong answer, it doesn't shame you or anything. it is a great way to go.

>> good. the human body is the next one.

>> i love this, i like anything that encourages stem, science, technology, engineering, math. this lets you do girls or boys. it lets you just free play and see what the human body looks like. and you can, like, go down and go to the digestive system or respiratory system and kids can play with it like they want.

>> that's wild.

>> it encourages them to want to learn more and that's where you go to the computer and --

>> you can hear the lungs breathing?

>> yeah. it is great. it is great for stem.

>> a suggestion on your part.

>> good things to learn . next is shadow puppets . this is brand-new. no one has really seen it. kids love editing photos. they play with mine all the time. this way all they do is go in and very simple, just pick photos and put it into a little montage and narrate it. this is my daughter --

>> it is christmas day and --

>> okay.

>> you can see there is like a little -- i don't think we have the volume up. you can see her -- you know, talking about her tree here. and then we go to the next thing, she's talking about ornaments.

>> and we're about to see --

>> this is where we put together a video for grandparents, if they're not around the holidays or school projects and things like that.

>> okay.

>> what is the last app?

>> the last one is called dots. not just for kids. addictive. looks like a damien hirst . just a way of connecting dots in the longest string possible, matching colors. it is a good --

>> like candy crush, i can't.

>> good for conference calls , not that i would ever play while on a conference call .

>> oh, really. thank you very much.

>> thank you.

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