TODAY   |  January 06, 2014

Get fit with our exercise moves of the day

Personal trainer and CEO and co-founder of Uplift Studios Helena Wolin shares two great moves to help everyone get into tip top shape, like the front kick with reverse lunge and the curtsy lunge.

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>>> going to show you moves of the day you can do during our show to help you get in shape during the year.

>> we kick it off with lower body moves with helena, a ceo, excuse us, co-founder of uplift studios here in new york. she's awesome.

>> what should we be doing?

>> we're going to do some moves you can do during a commercial break. you don't need any equipment. just your body. no excuses. preferably shoes that are not as high, but that's all right. we'll work with it. first we're going to do a courtesy lunge. bring your left leg back, all the way down to the curtsy, left knee down to the ground. very good. try to get your right thigh parallel to the ground. bring it up. and you're going to bring it up, squat center.

>> how does it look?

>> looking good. they like it.

>> then the other side?

>> just keep doing that.

>> do what she's