TODAY   |  January 06, 2014

Hoda’s favorite thing? Google’s flight tracker

The ladies share a few of their favorite things of the week, including Google’s new search capability that shows flights that are in progress, and Skin Medica, which improves skin tone and texture.

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>> a little pricey, but, again, once you get to my age, we don't care. this is called skin medica. it improves skin tone and texture with vitamin c and e. and i fell recently, and it helped me heal up so much. it is $98, but worth it, you guys. it is for old skin. it is awesome.

>> mine is, real quick, if you're trying to track a flight, okay, and you don't know if your flight has arrived or not, all you do is you go, you type in on google, you type in american airlines flight 234.

>> okay.

>> you hit search.

>> okay.

>> and then up comes exactly where it is --

>> oh, good.

>> -- and where it is