TODAY   |  January 06, 2014

Bruce Springsteen coming out with new album

The new album, “High Hopes,” will be the legendary rock star’s 18th when it comes out Jan. 14. Check out what other music and movie releases are on the horizon this month with Entertainment Weekly’s Jessica Shaw.

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>>> the holidays are over. it's a new year. today it is back to reality. but there are good fun reasons to mark your calendar this month.

>> we've got the music, movies, tv shows to keep an eye out for in january.

>> jessica, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> welcome back. let's get right to it and start talking about what's on tv. and starting just last night, the new season of "the bachelor." willie missed it.

>> i did.

>> nothing major happened last night. it was more like a catch up. the real stuff happens tonight. juan pablo it's juanuary, as some like to say. he was a loser of last season, of "the bachelorette" and he's a single dad venezuelan soccer player. he likes to play soccer shirtless when the sunsets.

>> who doesn't?

>> producers say this is the sexiest bachelor ever possibly because one of the women vying for his love is a hippie from california who doesn't like to wear clothes.

>> okay. a lot of blurring.

>> blurred lines. okay. so wednesday, we've got a new nbc show we're all looking forward to, chicago p.d., it's a spinoff of " chicago fire ."

>> yeah, it was a surprise hit for nbc. and lieutenant hank is moving over to " chicago pd " which is obviously about the chicago pd . and this show is produced by dick wolf who likes to keep things in the family. so there's actually going to be a crossover episode between " chicago pd " and " law and order svu ."

>> tell me about the spoils of ba babylon.

>> it's a parody of the sweeping 1960s daniel steele type of movie. this is insanely amazing, toby maguire , will ferrell introduces the series every night and it's a big old parody of an oil tycoon family.

>> that's january 9th . can't wait for that one. and january 12th , golden globes , so that one definitely mark your calendar for. and the ladies are back.

>> the ladies. they're like everyone's favorite people on the planet, tina fey and amy poehler . it's definitely the most fun. woody allen is getting the mill award, but not showing up and he's sending diane keaton , instead, to accept it.

>> january 14th , "the boss," new album.

>> yeah. his 18th studio album . this is kind of a hodgepodge mix of some older recordings that never got released. and there's some new stuff. and actually three of the songs are going to premiere on "the good wife," next sunday's episode.

>> and " american idol " is back, j-lo, keith urban , and harry connick .

>> good-bye mariah. new producers, new director. the show suffered a lot in the ratings last year. they're trying to inject new life in it. keith urban , that'll be a good combo.

>> i don't know, i used to watch it. harry connick was a good mentor back in the day.

>> we love him around here.

>>> all right. can't forget about honey boo boo . we could, a lot of us will forget about this star.

>> well, honey boo boo competes in the cutest red neck competition, no surprise there. and sugar bear , he needs time away from the ladies, so he gets a manper, which is a man camper.

>> okay.

>> didn't know they had a gender. all right.

>> thank you so much.